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Wise Sayings in Wordless Wednesday

I thought I would take a break from my regular Wordless Wednesday posts (pictures of the little ones) and do something a bit different. These are all sayings that have either touched my heart or made me laugh so I thought I would share!

How to love a child

The little ones grow up way to fast. Enjoy them when they are little, have fun with them, love them. I love the reminders from this one!

My Promise to my Child

This saying comes in hand when parenting a teen! I actually sent this to my oldest son in text and he was like “umm, ok” LOL!!!


This saying totally made this mama, who still has lots of baby weight, laugh out loud!! I listen to my sweatpants a bit too often!

A Woman's Terms

And my poor husband has heard a few of these words. In all honesty, it’s mostly when I have PMS and am overly emotional because he really doesn’t do much to deserve stuff like this! LOL I am not PMSing so I can admit it’s my emotions most of the time! HAHA!

These sayings all touch my heart! What are some of your favorite sayings/quotes?

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  1. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    LOL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the swimsuit one!! I showed that to my hubby about a week ago, it cracks me UP!

  2. I love the words about how to be kind of kids and see things their way. We were all kids once–it’s a good reminder.

  3. Those are definitely some good ones! I have this in my bedroom https://www.etsy.com/transaction/73086130

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