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Natural and Organic Alternatives for Easter Basket Treats

With Easter being only a few weeks away, I’ve been on the hunt for fun, healthy, natural, and organic alternatives to the traditional candy when it comes to filling Easter baskets for the kids. One treat that immediately came to mind was Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies! Because of their bunny shape, they are the perfect idea for Easter treats! Annie’s Organic recently sent me the materials to put together some fun “carrots” filled with Cheddar Bunnies! These will be the perfect addition to those Easter baskets for my kids!

Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies

Annie’s Easter “Carrots”

Annie’s Homegrown sent us some “carrot” bags, ties, ribbon and the Cheddar Bunnies to create this great addition to Easter Baskets! Take a look at how I made them!

Annie's Organic Cheddar BunniesAll I did was fill the “carrot” bags with the Cheddar Bunnies and one with some Bunny Graham Chocolate Chip snacks (both from Annie’s Homegrown) and tied the bag with a clear band. After that I tired a green ribbon around the top and I had my snack carrots ready for the Easter baskets! Super easy, cute and healthier than your typical Easter basket treats!

Natural Organic Easter

Don’t they look fun!? I love how they turned out!

Have you or your little ones ever tried the Cheddar Bunnies from Annie’s? They are delicious!!! Both LA and Addy LOVE them and they love the bunny shape of them, too!  Outside of the Cheddar Bunnies there are some other snacks that Annie’s makes that would be great for Easter, too! We included some Cheddar Bunnies in our “carrots”, but I also made one with the Annie’s Chocolate Chip snacks, too! Take a look at these facts about Annie’s snacks to see just why you should include them instead of candy in your little one’s Easter baskets!

Organic Cheddar Bunnies
• Baked with organic wheat flour and real aged cheddar
• 0g trans fat
• Low saturated fat
• No cholesterol
• No sugar added
Honey Bunny Grahams
• Excellent source of calcium
• No saturated fat
• No cholesterol
• 8g or more of whole grain per serving
• Made with organic wheat
• Also available in Bunny Friends (honey and chocolate grahams)
Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
• Certified organic
• Free of artificial coloring
• Made with real fruit juice
• 100% DV of vitamin C
• Vegan & gelatin free
• Gluten free
• Flavors: Tropical Treat, Berry Patch, Sunny Citrus, Summer Strawberry, Grapes Galore, and Pink Lemonade
Be sure to stop by the store and stock up on Annie’s Homegrown treats! My kids love them, I’m sure yours will too!

What is your favorite snack from Annie’s? Have you ever made anything for a holiday with treats from Annie’s?

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