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Keeping Germs Away in Store Shopping Carts and Restaurant High Chairs

Thank you to Comfort & Harmony for sending us the Cozy Cart Cover to use then write about our experience and thoughts.

If you follow me on Instagram you know my little boy has been sick the last several days. Until flu season is over I try my hardest to keep the little ones clear of germs and although sometimes I’m not successful, I still try. Comfort & Harmony have made it a bit easier with their Cozy Cart Cover while in stores and restaurants!

Comfort & Harmony

We received the Morocco print and I love the girly look of this cover (it is available in a “boy” pattern too for you mamas with boys) and padded feel. This cover definitely makes carts more comfy for little ones and I don’t feel so bad putting Addy in the hard seat when she can sit on this and be surrounded by a “cushion”! You can see it is generous in size and covers the entire cart, which I love! We have another cart cover that we used for LA when he was smaller and it doesn’t cover the entire cart so we always had to watch and make sure he wasn’t touching the cart. This cover makes it easy to focus on getting the shopping done so we can get back home because it covers every spot that needs to be covered! I love it!

Cozy Cart Cover

The cart cover also has a built-in safety belt to secure baby. That is so important for us right now as Addy is getting to the point where she likes to try and reach for stuff in the store and she tries to stand in the cart, too! With the saftey belt secure around her we don’t have to worry about her while we are shopping. There is also a strap in the front of the cart cover to go around the cart itself for added safety. The three toy loops are genius! We love that we can attach her favorite toys so she is occupied while shopping and she can’t toss them out of the cart to land on the germ-filled ground because they are attached to the loops! <3

Back of Shopping Cart

The back of the cart cover is also genius. It doesn’t just tuck over the back of the seat, there is actually a “pocket” that goes over the back and it actually stays in place! On top of that genius idea, there are pockets on the back which are great for tissues, hand sanitizer, extra toys, wipes, anything you need while out and about! Mamas could even put their cell phones or wristlets in there for less to carry into the store!

Comfort & Harmony High Chair Cover

You can see we also used this in a restaurant to cover the high chair! It fits the high chair so well and I love that she can’t touch the high chair…the table is another story! Mama needs to get something to cover the table in front of her, too. In the meantime, we clean it with sanitizer before putting her near the table.

Purchase: You can purchase the Comfort & Harmony Cozy Cart Cover for approximately $30. It is available at retailers nationwide, including Toys R Us.

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  1. This is the same brand we have! It does give a lot of coverage, which is great! Definitely a must during flu season.

  2. Heather Johnson says:

    We have a highchair/shopping cart cover that we used when my daughter was younger. I loved that the cover padded the back of the shopping cart so that she did not hurt her head when she would fling herself backwards.

  3. That is so cute! (Love the bunny hat, btw).

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