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Five Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is almost here, thank God! I know the past few days it’s been a bit warmer and it’s created some energy in me! After being cooped up in the house during our cold winter here in Michigan, I’ve been wanting to get busy with spring cleaning. When those thoughts first came to my mind, I also asked myself “where will I start?” Take a look at these tips to get you started on your journey with spring cleaning!

Green Cleaning Tips

  1. De-clutter your wardrobe. This can sometimes be difficult for us women. I know I personally like to keep everything in my wardrobe, even things that don’t fit just right in hopes that ones day soon they will fit. Ladies, LET GO! Get rid of those clothes that don’t fit and those clothes you haven’t worn in a while. It’s the perfect time to donate clothing to charity, where they’ll get a second life. You can also donate torn and stained items (if they’re made of an absorbent fabric) to your rag collection, where they’ll replace wasteful paper towels or to a school where they can be used in classrooms with art projects or as rags.
  2. Cash In on Things Around the House. Spring is a great time to get rid of things and sell things for cash! You can use the cash for that spring landscaping project you’ve been wishing you could do or even just for some simple flowers to plant outside! I think everyone I know has tons of things just lying around or packed away in their basement. You can get cash for CDs, DVDs and old games from Music Magpie! That’s right! Go through those items, get rid of them and get some cash for that flower fund!
  3. Go through the toy box. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve got many toys, many pieces and they aren’t all together. In fact, some pieces are long lost. Go through those toy boxes find pieces that belong together, package them together using small baskets or bags and get rid of the pieces that don’t belong or those toys that haven’t been played with in months! Toys alone can make a difference in the space you have available when you go through and get rid of some!
  4. Make your own cleaners. That’s right, make your own household cleaners and clean, clean, clean! You can make natural, chemical free cleaners and clean windows, counter tops, floors and more! This is always a refreshing way to start spring!
  5. Clean ceiling fans and light bulbs. Dust ceiling fans with reusable cloths (old prefold diapers work great!) Unscrew light bulbs and polish the bulbs with a microfiber cloth dampened with water (avoid wetting the metal screw base). Clean the bulbs in recessed ceiling fixtures with a telescoping lamb’s wool duster. If you haven’t done so, consider changing your bulbs to energy efficient bulbs.

What are your best green spring cleaning tips?







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  1. Here’s a tip. Use Vinegar instead of harsh chemicals


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