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Day 20 Items I Collect in The 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day twenty was all about things I collect. I think this is going to turn more into a post about what I USED to collect. πŸ˜‰

31 Day Blog Challenge

As an adult, I can’t say I really collect anything right now. Is that sad? Do most adults collect something? I don’t know if it’s just the lack of time or what, but I’ve not really been interested in collecting for a while.

As a late teen/early twenty-something woman, I collected beanie babies. Didn’t we all? haha! I used to have well over 100, which was really nothing compared to what some people had. I still have them in a container in our basement. I am going to donate them to a children’s hospital since they all still have tags on them and have never been played with.

In my early adult years I also collected items with lighthouses on them. You’ve probably often heard me mention that I love the beach, the ocean, the lakes, etc. so I developed a natural love for lighthouses. I still love them, I just don’t collect them anymore.

I even went through a brief period of collecting snow globes, but only certain ones. I used to sell Princess House and they had one new snow globe each year, as did Party Lite. Neither of them do the snow globes any more that I know if but I stopped collecting them. I still have a few that I enjoy sitting our for the holidays, but I don’t collect snow globes because there are no longer any that I want.

What items do you collect?


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  1. Ashley Parks says:

    Technically, I collect Willow Tree Angels…. my hubby and mom usually give me one for special occasions (our wedding, Christmas, my 1st pregnancy, the birth of my daughter..etc). I am usually not the collecting type of person, but the angels have special meanings. πŸ™‚ ( I remember Beanie Babies craze! My best friend in high school had hundreds! πŸ™‚ That’s a great idea about donating them!)

  2. Judith Martinez says:

    I collect the figurines from Red Rose tea.My grt. grammy did and my grammy does. Unfortunately I don’t have a nice way to display them but it’s on my wish list.

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