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Check Out the New Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

I was sent the below mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. I personally used the product for several weeks before coming to these conclusions.

Breastfeeding my babies has been a priority of mine since I became a mother and something I feel is very important. Because I work outside of the home I have needed to pump breast milk in order to keep my supply going throughout the day as well as provide milk for my baby the next day I am at work.  I want to tell you all about my experience with this pump as a mama who pumps as many as three times daily when at work.

The Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump has some great features! First, it’s BPA free! This is always important when we are looking at products that we’ll be trusting our baby’s food in. It is also VERY compact and super easy to discretely transport back and forth to the office. It all packs into a perfectly designed black carrying bag for mama to use that honestly could pass as a purse! The pump is gentle on mama and easy to clean and assemble! Thumbs up, AVENT!

Phiips AVENT Breast Pump

As far as the assembly, one of my favorite features is how the valve pushes into the body of the pump. The other pump I used doesn’t have this feature and I was always worried that the valve would fall into the milk (and it has happened with that pump, never with the AVENT Comfort pump though). You can also see that the valve has an added ribbed tab for holding it while placing it into the body of the pump. Once in place, you can even see from the outside that the valve is secure in the body of the pump.

Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Pump

Breast Pump Assembly

There are a few more pieces than my previous pump but it was never time consuming or a problem putting this pump together. The motor has the tubing coming out, which is connected to the cap and silicone diaphragm that are inserted into the body of the pump. The massage cushion covers are put in place, as well as the valve, the bottle is screwed on and it’s ready for use! The pump comes with (2) four ounce bottles, however, it is compatible with AVENT nine ounce bottles if you produce more than four ounces per breast per session. The only “problem” I had with any of the pump parts was that the massage cushions turned a yellowish tint in the dishwasher. The manual does say that the parts are dishwasher safe on the top rack, which I followed. I don’t know this is an AVENT problem though, as I’ve recently had a few non-AVENT bottles turn a yellowish color, too. It very well could be our water, unfortunately. I love the silicone parts (the diaphragm and the cushions) as they give the pump a pure feeling of Comfort. They sure did name the pump correctly! 😉

The motor unit is compact and simple to use. There are just five buttons on top: power, stimulation and low, medium and deep suction level buttons. When turned on, the pump automatically starts in stimulation mode, after your milk starts flowing you can adopt a slower or faster suction by using one of the three buttons to the right.

The massage cushion covers are a nice touch and help make the pump more attractive to mamas because it is gentle and you don’t feel hard plastic flanges against your breasts like on many other pumps.

AVENT breast pump

Comfort Double Electric Pump Use

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that the milk doesn’t touch many parts or even the tubing of the pump. It goes straight from the pump body, through the valve and into the bottle for safe storage. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was trying to pump (both sides) and get a good picture to show the milk going into the bottle! LOL Once you are done pumping, AVENT even thought to give us mamas covers for the pump body to use when storing! LOVE IT! I also used this pump with my hands-free pumping bra and it fit without a problem. That’s another plus because it allows me to relax even more when pumping!

My final thoughts: This pump is great for the mama who works outside of the home and needs to pump multiple times daily. It works great, gets the job done, and all with making sure mama is comfortable! It is also very easy to clean, assemble and operate, all important for us mamas! I love that the carrying bag can pass as a purse and people don’t question “what is that?” when they see me with it. With the price retailing for approximately $274.99 I do wish it came with some extra bottles (it comes with 2) because mamas who do pump at work typically pump 2-3 times daily and will need more bottles. I would also love to see a built in freezer pack in the carrying bag so I don’t have to carry a separate cooler for the milk.

Purchase: You can purchase the AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump at many retailers nationwide and online.

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  1. This pump looks awesome! I need a good pump for when baby #6 comes! <3 Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have a love hate relationship with my breast pumps (past and present). I’m a bit on the smaller side and I’ve had a difficult time finding flanges that are comfortable. I am coveting those silicone flanges right now. LOL This is a closed system pump, too? Man, I should have looked at the Avent before buying the pump I have now.

  3. The new pump looks great! I purchased the old one and the motor died before a year was up 🙁 I hope they have solved the motor issues before putting this new one out.

  4. AmThompson says:

    Which hands-free bra did you use? I have this pump but have had a lot difficulty finding a hands- free bra that works wit it. Thanks!

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Right now I am using the Simple Wishes hands-free bra and love it!! It’s adjustable and comfortable! I’ve also used the Pump-Ease and didn’t have any problems.


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