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A DIY Craft for St Patrick’s Day Decor

I think it’s been expressed in the past month or so that I love crafts. They make me happy. I love being creative and just letting it flow. I decided we needed some St Patrick’s Day decor around here. I mean, I am part Irish so I definitely should celebrate, right?! lol I love being festive and decorating for every holiday, but in the past few years we’ve not done much of this. Here’s to changing that this year!

DIY St Patricks Day Supplies

I picked up the needed supplies when I was at the craft/fabric store a few weeks ago getting things for baby Addy’s birthday “Winter Onederland” party decor. I picked up these things:

  • Sticker Foam Shamrocks
  • Green Fabric (I found this in the scraps section and got for a dollar and some change!)
  • Shamrock Ribbon

I had the candles and the Earth’s Best baby food jars at home. You all know I love decorating and reusing our Earth’s Best jars since I refuse to toss them or recycle them. I prefer reusing them personally and have had so much fun with it! 😉

Covering Jars with Fabric

First, I cut the fabric into three strips the size of the jars I would be using. Next, I used the glue gun to put strips of glue and attach the fabric. I made sure to pull the fabric tight from glue spot to glue spot so it would have a strong and straight hold on the jar.

St Patricks Day Votive Holders

After the fabric went on, I used the glue gun to attach the shamrock ribbon around the top of the jar and added my sticker shamrocks in various places.

St Patrick's Day Votive Holders

Pop the candles in and decorate to your heart’s content! I love this added St Patrick’s Day decor in our family room! It brightens it area and gives up something good to smell! 😉

What do you do for St Patrick’s Day decorating? Have you ever used baby food jars for decor around the house?


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  1. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for posting… going to pin this now so I don’t lose it 🙂

  2. I love how easy these are! What a cute decoration the kiddos can help with. Thank you for sharing!


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