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Tips for Using Print Products to Engage Blog Readers

Keeping your mommy blog readers engaged is key to maintaining – and growing – a popular blog. Even if your blog is merely for personal use, making sure that your friends and family stay interested will ensure that you can keep them up-to-date with your life, no repetition necessary.

Usually, blogger turn to social media or email to keep readers engaged, but these efforts can only go so far. In fact, many online users are too over-whelmed with the whirlwind of information thrown at them daily to pay attention to promotional updates, which is one reason why print products are so successful. Check out this Print is Big infographic from PrintPlace.com for some more facts on just how effective printing postcards and other materials for marketing really are.

Mail Opening for Print Products

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No matter if you are reaching out to friends, fellow church members, or a targeted mailing list, make sure your postcards, flyers, or brochures meet or exceed statistical responses by following some tried and true methods:

Clean Design

Have you ever received a postcard in the mail covered in text? I have, and I didn’t even make the effort to decipher the offer. In contrast, postcards that I can’t help but read are those with images and limited text.

Only provide the highlights you need to include to entice readers to check out your blog. Have one focused message per mailing, too, and put this message in bold to better capture attention. Images that relate to your message are also a great way to increase interest. Just keep the information limited to avoid clutter. PrintPlace prints all types of postcards and also offers free pre-designed postcard templates so you don’t have to worry about designing you card from scratch!

Clear Call to Action

Even if your only goal with sending out postcards is to help keep friends and family up-to-speed with your blog, you still need to guide them to an action. So, make sure that somewhere on your print products, you include a call to action.

For instance, your message may be as simple as “Winter Report: 24″ Snow, Hawaii Sunshine, and Sports Injuries” with a picture or two illustrating these events and a short snippet of extra information on one of these events. Then your call to action could be “Visit MamaOnAGreenMission.com to learn more about our family’s crazy winter events – and get a sneak peak of some exciting upcoming changes!”

QR Codes

Now, your mommy blog url may be all that you need in your call to action, especially if you are only sending out print mail to friends and family. However, to gain new readers primarily for increasing your business, you may want to include a QR Code. These just make it that much easier for recipients with smart phones to immediately check out your blog or offer.

Don’t be intimidated by these little scanned codes. They are actually free and very easy to create and then add to your print design. Sites like QRStuff.com and QuikQR.com simply require you to enter your blog’s url.

Landing Page

QR codes have been shown to be more effective if they lead to a specific page. For mommy bloggers, this can either be a landing page of your offer or simply a page that includes links to the posts you are promoting. A specific url for each print product also helps you track results of your mailing better, since you can use Google Analytics to see how many people directly typed in that url.

Another way to make a specific url more interesting to readers is to include an incentive, such as your surprise news or even a giveaway contest. Having a specific url with a specific purpose rather than simply using your home page url simply makes your message that much more exciting, consequently increasing reader engagement and hopefully gaining you new readers as well.


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