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The Most Beautiful Flowers Ever (#DIY #ToddlerArt)

Sometimes a flower is all a woman needs to brighten her day. When I received these flowers, I knew I had just received the most beautiful flowers ever!

Last week I highlighted some Valentine crafts that one of the ladies at our daycare did with Addy. This is another craft/art project that she did with Addy. I adore these flowers and it is so easy to make this for spring or even Mother’s Day from the baby or toddler in your house!

Flowers by Toddlers

Make Your Own Flowers

The pot that the flowers are in is just painted paper! That’s it, just brown paint and paper, although you could use brown construction paper. I do think the paint adds to the art project though, gives it more of an artsy feel. The stems are simply green (sparkled ones in this picture) pipe cleaners and the flowers? Well, that’s the best part…the flowers are cut outs of Addy’s hands at one year old! What a keepsake this is! See why I say these are the most beautiful flowers ever? They are literally made by my precious little girl’s hands!

This project is so easy and fun to do with the little ones, in fact, we’ll be making some of these planters for the grandmas in our family to welcome spring!

Be sure to check out another great flower art project toddler’s can make for mama/grandma or anyone special!

What kinds of art projects do you do with your toddler? 

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  1. Kathy Smith says:

    This is the cutest little craft project for mother’s day. I am going to to one for my daughter. She will love it from her son Mason. Thanks for sharing

  2. Ashley Parks says:

    This is a cute idea! I may copy the idea to give to my mom for mother’s day… but, I may have all her grandchildren (my kiddo and all my nieces and nephews) each make 1 flower. 🙂 I know she’d put it on her fridge right then!! 🙂


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