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Kitchen Recycling Helps the Planet

I never realized just how many things can be recycled from the kitchen. Every week we pile up things to be recycled and most of it comes from our kitchen! I’ve mentioned before that my husband takes our recyclables in every Saturday morning so until then we just collect it in our basement. I am also big on EVERY thing makes a difference and recycling is something I’ve tried to get better and better at!

We recycle cardboard boxes from EVERYTHING! All of the items we receive for review, the packaging gets recycled. All of the packaging from our food gets recycled: cardboard containers, plastic containers, glass…all of it! As I was taking some things to the basement this evening I realized that we ran out of some of our favorite Earth’s Best snacks this week! See, we recycle Earth’s Best containers, too! The packages were right on top of the pile!

Recycling Items from our Kitchen and More

Straight from the kitchen, our Letter of the Day Cookies and Sunny Days Snack Bars are all gone and the boxes are going to be recycled this weekend!

Recycling Containers

Our Earth’s Best Pop Snax and Yogurt Puffs are gone, too! The little ones have been home more this week than in daycare and they’ve eaten up the Earth’s Best goodness!! 😉

What do YOU recycle from the kitchen?

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  1. We too have a lot of recycling from the kitchen! We recycle all our cans, plastics, glass, cardboard, and paper products. It is amazing how quickly it adds up, even when you are conscious with your purchases to avoid extra packaging! We also take our recycling on Saturdays 🙂 Great post!

  2. Kathy Smith says:

    I have just started to recycle at the beginning of the year. I have always recycled our plastic and cans each week. I have started taking my own bags to grocery store to put our items in. No more plastic bags. Thanks.

  3. Robin Jones says:

    We started recycling last fall. Our city doesn’t do curbside pickup, so we have to drop it at the recycling center. It’s a drivethru, though, so not terribly inconvenient. What they accept is somewhat limited, but it’s better than nothing!


  1. […] feeling so incredibly fresh and clean and smelling GREAT! You can also see that we’ve been recycling our Listerine mouthwash containers once we finish them! We’ve got to bring being green into it! My husband has really gotten […]

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