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Have a Safe Move with LifeLock, Tips for a Worry Free Move #LifeLock

It’s this time of year that so many people are considering their dreams of home ownership. It’s late winter, spring will be here soon along with nicer weather and it’s easier to think of getting your current home/apartment cleaned out and getting out to search for that dream home. Along with home ownsership comes applying for a mortgage, transferring mail, making calls for service transfers and much more that could compromise your identity’s security.LifeLockLifeLock wants to help with that and keep your identity safe! The month of February they’ve been focusing on buying a new home with their amazing tips and the fun LifeLock for Life Sweepstakes on Facebook. When you are making those decisions on when the time is right to purchase a home, during the process and after, you want LifeLock on your side. Check out some of these tips and you’ll see why!

  • A legitimate mortgage company will use your credit report, employment, income, assets & property to evaluate your mortgage loan approval. This is why it’s especially important to get a credit check to make sure nobody has stolen your identity.
  • When moving to a new home, it is wise to run your credit report every six months. It is especially important when you are between addresses to keep a closer eye on your identity via your credit report.
  • Safe Moving with LifeLockSometimes it is difficult to remember all the business mail you receive. Before moving, you should always make a list of the regular mail you receive, so you can ensure that when you do move all those businesses will have your updated address.
  • You should make sure you have complete privacy when paying your home bills over the phone or when transferring your services during a move. Even friends and family can commit family friendly fraud. If you’re not out of earshot, an identity thief can easily write down the account information you’re dictating to your account representative.
  • It is important to make sure your movers are reputable. You can always check with the Better Business Bureau before allowing any movers into your home. The Better Business Bureau can be a source to find out if the movers or any business have complaints against them. Oh, and don’t forget the moving boxes for home transfer!
  • Before moving into your new home, you should pick out a secure zone that is off-limits to movers or whoever may be helping you. You should pre-determine a secure zone so you can safely store your computer items, check data files, balance your checkbook or pay bills.
  • Crime statistics show that identity crime is prevalent during the “peak” moving season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Be safe with help from LifeLock!

What Tips do You Have for a Safe, Worry-Free Move?

You can play the  LifeLock for Life Sweepstakes on Facebook! All you need to do is “LIKE” LifeLock on Facebook and visit the LifeLock for Life tab to begin playing! New questions available weekly for chances to win great prizes!  For the month of February the questions will be focusing on buying a new home so make sure you play every week for some great moving tips! If you missed my first post with Moving Tips from LifeLock, be sure to check it out!

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    For security reasons it is best to hire registered movers and adult should be present during the move, just in case.

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