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Extended Breastfeeding – Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base

Extended breastfeeding is something I’ve wanted to do accomplish for a while now. With my first and second sons my goal was one year. You all probably know that I didn’t make it with my first, being just short about 7 weeks. I did nurse LA for one full year, but he was also transitioning to cow’s milk a few weeks before his birthday and he self-weaned at exactly one year. Since that time my goal was to nurse our next baby for 14+ months.

Tuesday's Tastes ButtonIt is recommended to exclusively breastfeed for at least six months, and to breastfeed in combination with foods until baby is one year old. In years past, many people would have thought breastfeeding past 12 months was too long. In today’s world, I am happy to say that among breastfeeding mamas and beyond, extended breastfeeding is becoming more accepted and more widely practiced. I would love to nurse Addy for 18 months, but I am sticking to my goal of 14 months and will then take it one day at a time after that. Fourteen months is not when I plan to quit, you see, it’s just my goal for a minimum amount of time nursing her.

Reasons I want to Extend our Breastfeeding Journey

One reason I want to breastfeed past one year is that Addy’s birthday is in the winter and she’s in daycare a few days a week. It’s easy to pick up viruses during cold and flu season and breastfeeding continues to be a valuable source of nutrition and disease protection for as long as breastfeeding continues. Protein, fats and many vitamins are passed to baby/toddler through breast milk and it is an important source of vitamin A in the second and third years of life. Others reasons extended breastfeeding is beneficial:

  • Breastfeeding contributes to your child’s INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT
  • Breastfeeding contributes to your child’s MENTAL and SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT
  • MOTHERS also benefit from breastfeeding for a longer duration

As a selfish reason, I personally love the bond I have with Addy and I love nursing her to sleep and spending those quiet moments with her in the nighttime hours. It’s something only I have with her and I cherish those moments and I’m just not ready for them to end. 😉

How long did you breastfeed or do you plan on breastfeeding your little one? What’s your main reason for the number of months in your breastfeeding goal?

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  1. I breastfed Baby A until she was 14 1/2 months old ( 2 weeks ago) I wanted to make it past one year. I also have enough milk saved up in the deep freezer to hopefully last her until she is 18 months old. Due to my fibromyalgia, I found that it was draining my energy so I stopped breastfeeding Baby A at 14 1/2 months. If I wasn’t so tired and in pain from nursing her as she got older, I would have kept on doing it until she was 2 years old! I am very blessed though to have exclusively breastfed her that entire time. She started solid foods at 10 months old but still wanted to nurse every 3 hours. She did very well! She also weaned fairly easy too which was good. I am happy to have stored enough milk to get her to 1 1/2 years old though 🙂

  2. Olivia L says:

    To be honest, I find it odd that “extended” breastfeeding is defined as more than a year when the World Health Organization and Health Canada (where I live) recommend at least 2 years and to continue after that for as long as is mutually agreeable. Even the American Academy of Family Physicians notes that the natural weaning age for humans is between 2 and 7, and that babies weaned before age 2 are at increased risk of illness.
    When I had my first baby, my goal was a year, but when she turned one I just felt she was still my baby and still needed my milk. We weaned painlessly at 34 months (we would nurse once a day before nap time). I’m now nursing my second (6 months old) and we’ve just started to introduce solids. My goal is at least 2 years, but we’ll probably go longer. That’s just my minimum.
    I am curious about one thing though. My understanding is that at one year old, babies should be getting about half their calories from solid food and the other half from human milk (or formula). So my question is what do other moms do when baby is weaned at 12 months or even earlier? Do you switch to formula? Go 100% solid food? Does it make a difference?

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