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Celebrating with a Winter “One”Derland Party

Addy’s Winter “One”derland party was this past weekend and I spent hours getting ready for it! It was fun and it brought back a passion that had let slide away. I used to love doing crafts and it was a relaxing time for me…well, with two little ones I stay quiet busy and hadn’t crafted in some time. It was fun (and exhausting) doing these things! There were things here and there that went wrong, but overall I think it was pretty positive and I’m happy with the memories we can share with her when she’s older.

Favor Jars for the Party

Winter Themed Favor Jars

These were the favor jars that we made. I say WE because my darling husband stayed up late with me and helped! I adore him! 🙂 Inside we put cotton candy. We covered the outside of the jars with a pink, snowflake flannel material I picked up at the fabric store. I used a glue gun and added sequin to the top and bottom of the fabric and then added a frame cut from sparkly foam “paper” with a photo of Addy. The number one was a felt sticky letter that I added glitter to and I added the snowflakes in the upper right of the photo frame with the glue gun as well. The top of the jars have a silver foam “paper” cut out with the snowflakes glued on.

Winter Onederland Assembly

Winter Onederland Banner

I wanted to make a “Happy Birthday” banner but I wanted it to be different and special for my little girl. I made one that said “Addy’s Winter Onederland”, of course with her first name spelled out though. Again, I used the felt sticky letters and added glitter and snowflakes to each letter. I then used white and silver doilies and the silver foam “paper” to make the background for each letter.

Addy's Winter Onederland

 You can’t see the banner very well in our photo on the bottom right, but it turned out great!

Winter Onederland Cake

I normally would give credit to the company who made the cake here, but since I am about to tell you why I was so unhappy with the cake, I won’t give their name. Those who know me know that I am all about pink and girly, princessy stuff for my little girl. When I ordered the cake, I spelled her name and specifically said I wanted the cake to have a winter theme with snowmen that have pink hates and scarves and overall just be pink and girly. My husband went to pick up the cake the morning of the party and he didn’t pay close attention to the cake and besides that, I didn’t tell him exactly what I ordered. When he got home I opened the box and the first thing I saw was a BLUE cake for a one year old little GIRL! This alone made me want to cry because it was the farthest thing from what I wanted. As I kept looking I then noticed that her name, the name I SPELLED for the OWNER of the shop, was misspelled. I was rather upset, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to fix it so we were stuck with it. Aside from all of those things, it is a pretty cake. I’ll leave it at that. After getting over it, I realize the owner of the cake shop is an artist and what she had in mind for her canvas just didn’t match what I had in mind.

Thank You Snow Much for Coming!

This was another decorated area that I put up at that party. It’s a “Thank You Snow Much for Coming” sign with some pictures of Addy throughout the year.

It was a great day and I still can’t believe my little girl is ONE!!!  Where does the time go?

What theme did you do (or are you going to do) for your little one’s first birthday?

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  1. Princess Dot I did a mini theme. We had mini everything for food. Baby Carrots, tiny Celery sticks, sliders, mini sausages, cake pops, etc It was different and fun.

  2. First, I love the cotton candy favor jar, very cute.

    As for the baby’s first birthday party, it will be a carnival theme. Like you, I used to craft a lot more than I do now. It’s nice to get into crafting once in a while.

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