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Blogging Has Become My Second Job and Business

When I started blogging just over two years ago, I never imagined it would become, in a way, my own little business. Because I work outside of the home as well, blogging has not only become my business, but my second job! It takes a lot of time to run a blog and so many things go into it. Honestly it’s more than I imagined when I started but I love it more each day and it has inspired me to keep making green changes in our home.

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Blogging Time

It can sometimes be rather difficult to find the time to blog.  I have two little ones that I refuse to let run around while I get on the computer. I often take advantage of nap time, once in a while take advantage of the 30-60 minutes that I wake up before they do on my days off, and I often blog after they’ve gone to bed.

Blogging Supplies

There are very few things I need to keep on hand for blogging in terms of office supplies. When I do need to use office supplies I am always looking for the greenest options. One item that I did need to purchase was business cards to hand out at some upcoming conferences. I was so excited when I found great deals on Vistaprint products that include business cards printed on recycled paper! How cool is that!? My husband laughs at me when I get excited over green items, but he knows it is important to me and he’ll even look for “green” products, too! Outside of my business cards, my only “office supplies” are my computer, printer, iPad and calendar.

Blogging Benefits

Obviously the small business of blogging does not reap benefits like medical insurance or vacation time, however, there are some great benefits. I’ve earned extra income and my family has been able to try out many products that we probably wouldn’t have tried had I not been blogging. We’ve also been blessed with some weekend trips for review that were incredibly fun! So, although it’s a lot of work, for us it has been a blessing.

Are you a blogger? Do you use many office supplies, like the recycled business cards from Vistaprint? What benefits do you find blogging has? When do you find the time to blog?




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  1. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    Blogging has definitely become a second job for me, that’s for sure. I need an office! And I have ordered my hubby’s business cards from Vista Print, but I have been wanting to get some too. I just need time to figure out the design.

  2. I too work outside the home. I love blogging – it is my outlet!

  3. I’ve just recently started out with my blog, but I’m enjoying it so far. I’m loving the products I’ve been able to review thus far and look froward to trying out more.

  4. Alicia Owen says:

    I like how you said you refuse to be on the computer while you’re little ones are running around. I also try to use nap time to do blogging stuff. And after she goes to sleep of course. Those are really the best times!

  5. Heather Johnson says:

    Freelance writing is my second job and how I pay for my cloth diaper obsession.

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