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Are Veggies and Fruits Difficult Foods in Your House?

Sometimes it is easier to clean the entire house than to get my little ones to eat veggies. We don’t have much of a problem with fruits, but veggies? It’s an issue. When I do have luck in getting them to eat veggies, I take full advantage of it. Last night Addy was loving carrots and peas and she got a tummy full! She just kept eating and eating them and I sure let her! đŸ™‚

Earth’s Best has put together an educational video about starting your baby on these two nutritious essentials:

Here are a few more quick tips to help with the problem!

  •  Parents who eat more fruits and vegetables often have kids who a) are less picky and b) consume more fruits and vegetables. Although my husband and I aren’t lovers of veggies either, we eat them in front of the kids because we know this is important.
  • Don’t pressure kids to eat. Studies show that parents who pressure their kids to eat actually get kids with higher levels of pickiness and kids who eat significantly fewer servings of fruits and vegetables. We don’t force it, but we are thankful for nights like last night when they seem to love them!

More tips can be found here on the Earth’s Best website: Plant The Seed For Vegetable Loving.

What veggies do you have the more problems getting your little ones to eat? What are your tips and tricks?

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