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Addy’s Birthday Celebration In This Week’s Wordful Wednesday

Well, my baby girl turned one last week and we had a family birthday celebration over the weekend! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from her day!

Addy's Cake/Candle

I just love this picture of her staring at her candle! <3 She looks so calm and patient! <3 her!

Addy's Cake

She had fun with her cake, but believe it or not, she didn’t get too messy. Of course that could have been because her uncle helped her out by cutting her a slice! 🙂

birthday love

I love the look on LA’s face! He adores her and they both had so much fun at her birthday celebration! I was surprised he didn’t try to get her cake too, but he stood beside her and watched and laughed. It was adorable!

Addy with mama and daddy on her birthday

Mama and Daddy with the birthday girl! I don’t often post pictures of myself on here cause I don’t like them but I had to make an exception for her birthday!

I planned a lot and did some crafts as decorations. I spent a lot of time doing things for the party and had high expectations. Overall we had a great time and all of the little things that went wrong are just past laughs now! Even the misspelling of her name on her blue cake that was supposed to be pink and girly…although it still makes me angry. lol  I’ll be posting later today with some of the decor to show you just what I made!

Wintery Wordless Wednesday
Happy Birthday, Baby Addy! (Wordful Wednesday)


  1. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    OMGosh I can’t believe she is one!! LOVE the birthday cake shot, she’s so happy!

  2. Awww, Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  3. Love the crown. I think I am going to do something like that for my son’s birthday this weekend. I may let him make it himself!

  4. I love the cake picture!!! She is a cutie pie!

  5. She is so cute!! I love the picture of her reaching for the cake 🙂

  6. Danielle H says:

    I”m glad everything worked out for the best and it looks like Addy had an awesome day. On Alleigh’s first birthday I sent Dustin to pick up the cake… on his way home he made a sharp turn and it slid…. flipped over and icing was everywhere but on the cake. We ended up picking up a small round cake for her to smash from walmart, oyyy.

  7. She is so beautiful! And that is a great pic of you & hubby with her!

  8. Glad she had a great birthday! Make them stop growing!

  9. Happy Birthday to her!!

  10. Tiffany C. says:

    Happy 1st Birthday!

  11. Awe, just perfect! Love her crown! That pic of you and your hubs with her is awesome; You should post more of you (though I’m like you and dont post much of me cause I dont like them either. lol)
    Interested to hear more about the cake issues… How could it get messed up that badly?!!

  12. My goodness, how did time fly so fast? I love her crown!! What a beautiful family! Happy birthday!

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