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Three Things Thursday – A New Feature

Do you remember those emails that used to go around all the time? The ones that were like 20 questions about you and you were supposed to answer them and email to all of your friends to let them learn new things about you? Well, Bri and I were talking (texting actually, but isn’t that how people talk these days? LOL) and she told me a few things and I was like “I never knew this and that!” She and I have been friends for about a year and a half and since I didn’t know those little facts about her I started thinking all about those emails that used to go around. This week Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama and I are starting a new weekly feature: Three Things Thursday. We will post three questions and give up to three answers for each question to let you learn more about us. You see many reviews from us so we wanted to give you the chance to learn other things about the green gals behind the reviews! 🙂

Three Things Thursday

Favorite TV Shows:

I don’t get the chance to watch TV shows often these days, but these are the ones I like to try and watch if I can…

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Private Practice
  3. Shark Tank

Any Piercings:

  1. Ears
  2. I used to have my belly pierced, but no more!

Places I Want to Visit

  1. Ireland
  2. Paris, France
  3. Caribbean


There are three new things about me that you probably didn’t know before today! Are there things you want to know? Leave a comment and let me know and we may just add it to next week’s Three Things Thursday!

If you blog, we’d love for you to take part in Three Things Thursday. Let your readers learn more about you! Link your post below so we can stop by! You can get the InLinkz code and add to your post if you’d like!

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