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Printing Companies Are Going Green With Sustainable Printing (Guest Post)

How Printing Companies Are Going Green

The need for adhering to a sustainable lifestyle is growing everyday. While millions of individuals have taken this conservation approach to heart, so too have many printing companies. In the printing business, going green makes good business and environmental sense. Not only does using green printing practices cut down on material and fiscal waste, but also it allows companies to remain viable and highly competitive. Plus, it just feels good to be part of an environmentally friendly enterprise. Companies such as Day2DayPrinting, an online printing company have developed some of the core green printing practices that other companies have adopted as well.

Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Most people think of two things when it comes to printing: ink and paper. And it’s true. Both materials comprise the bulk of what companies use for their products, but that’s not all. They must also utilize a good amount of packaging materials for all those wonderful business cards, banners, and catalogs. Keeping this in mind sustainable printing companies have decided to go green anywhere they can, using vegetable oil based inks and recycled paper, as well as recyclable plastics.

Recycling Waste Byproducts

While many green printing companies have significantly streamlined their printing practices to cut down on waste products, it’s inevitable that waste will be produced. Ink cans, prepress chemicals, plastics, plates, press washes, and of course paper – all of these materials soon enough are either thrown out or replaced. Green printing companies have placed stringent recycling processes that ensure that every single thing that can be recycled is recycled.

Planting Trees 

Yep, you read that right. Green printing companies aren’t just in the business of printing business cards and brochures. Day2Day Printing is putting its money where its mouth is and taking the sustainable lifestyle one step further by annually planting more than 1000 trees nationwide for the sake of going green. While not the only printing company utilizing this practice, Day2DayPrinting.com and other green printing companies are showing customers that producing great products and doing good for the environment do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts.

Jessica works for Day2Day Printing, an online printing company that offers flyer printing, postcard printing, and much more. With a passion for SEO, marketing, and design her skills allow her to provide creative solutions to businesses. When not sitting down at her desk you can find her jogging with her dog Loki. 




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  1. I really like that they are planting trees! What a great way to go green and help keep our green spaces green! I love projects like these that set the example and make it easy for companies to follow their example! 🙂

  2. please can you suggest me how printing companies are recycling

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