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(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Birthdays, Trouble and Daddy’s Princess

LA was invited to a birthday party of one of his friends. This was a first and he had such a fun time this past weekend! He couldn’t get the ball to roll past the divider so he thought he would go put it in the hole. LOL
Birthday Party Fun

I walked into the kitchen to get something the other day and in just a few minutes when I got back, this is what I found! Christmas Trouble!

Christmas Trouble so Cute

And finally….Daddy’s Princess! She doesn’t smile for anyone as much or as big as she does for daddy….for sure, her first love! <3

Daddy's Little Girl

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  1. Your kiddos are adorable! I wish I could play skii ball lime that! 🙂 That’s my favorite arcade game!

  2. Love the pic of the Christmas trouble….. my big girls have left our tree alone this year, but next year Willow will be just a few months over 1 and I know we will be in for it! Hehe.

    Oh and the picture of baby girl smiling at her daddy – totally the same way with Willow. Whenever I want a big gummy smiling pic I have him come look at her, lol!

  3. love the game photo, I know I have wanted to do that before. My baby boy smiles biggest for his big brother. He LOVES his big brother.

  4. so cute! the kids are very adorable! 🙂 i loved it..:)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here , thank you. – Rebecca –

  5. Oh my goodness, I love the pic of him climbing up the skiball. You don’t know how many times I have wanted to do that, lol 😉

  6. ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (@Momspective) says:

    Oh look at those smiles, what fun!

  7. I love seeing pics of kids with their dad!! We had to put a ‘gate fence’ up around our tree when the kids were little. It kept the tree, the gifts AND the kids safe, lol!!

  8. joanna garcia says:

    aww you have such a beautiful family!! my daughter too goes crazy when she sees her daddy!

  9. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    Gracie just went to her very first birthday party too! Those second one’s are hilarious, I will have to worry about this next year.

  10. What adorable kidlets! My daughters were always huge smilers for Daddy too.

  11. Trista Anderson says:

    that looks like something my kids would do to a game and your little girl is just way to cute!!

  12. My boys have not left our Christmas tree alone either. They are constantly playing with the ornaments.

  13. LOL! The tree is always trouble with a toddler!!! 🙂 And ROFL at LA on the skii ball thing!
    Little girls always have their daddy wrapped around their finger… I think it goes both ways though! Too adorable!

  14. such a lovely picture with your family! i love it! 🙂

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  15. We had some Christmas Trouble, too! My youngest grandson is very destructive and wouldn’t stop touching the tree. We had to wedge boxes around it to block him off.

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