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Jars vs Pouches – Which is the Better Choice for Your Family?

This month we’ve talked about both Earth’s Best pouches and jarred products…so which do you choose? Each use both in our family for both our baby and our toddler. We believe there is a time and a place for both and you don’t have to make a choice to just enjoy one or the other. Each has their own benefits and the chart below will help you make better informed decisions!


Do you find your family using both also? Do you prefer one to the other?

Disclosure: I am an Earth’s Best ambassador and receive products from them, however, my opinion is 100% my own and not influenced in any way. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

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  1. joanna garcia says:

    i would have thought the pouches were better but according to your chart the jars are! very surprised i love using the pouches esp now that infantino came out with pouches you can put your own home made stuff in.

  2. Julie Ghrist says:

    I like to use the jars when they are little and as they get older i use the pouches. I still give my son the pouches to eat at 2 years old 🙂

  3. Jars and pouches are fine with us. We usually use jars when we’re at home, and pouches on the go.

  4. Anna Cooper says:

    I used jars for my oldest and made the food for my son. I have thought about getting him a few pouches for when we travel. I think I might end up doing that now.

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