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Holiday Travel Safety Tips from #LifeLock

My family will be staying home this holiday season and I am rather happy about that. To me, airports during the holiday weeks are a nightmare and I’d rather stay far, far away if possible. This year we are going to be blessed with family visiting us instead! I know many of you will be traveling though and I want you to be prepared because unfortunately when people are away enjoying their holidays, thieves are targeting you. LifeLock wants to help prevent identity theft before it happens so they have some wonderful tips for you this holiday season!


Be Prepared with Travel Tips

I went over to the LifeLock Facebook page to play this awesome game to get some great tips! Here are just a few of the valuable tips I found:

  • Take a copy of your passport/ATM/credit cards before leaving. Keep one copy at home (with a trusted person) and take one copy with you, stored in a separate location from the actual documents) for quick recovery should something be stolen.
  • Alert your credit card company and bank that you are traveling. Banks may limit access to funds when they see unusual activity, such as unexpected travel, on your bank account.
  • When going through airport security, make sure to put your wallet into a bag rather than leaving it exposed in a bin. Thieves can easily grab an unguarded wallet from the security line.
  • When dressing for travel, wear easy on/off shoes so you can focus on watching your personal items as they go through the security check.
  • Take a few minutes while waiting for your flight or travels to begin and set a password on your laptop and smart phone. This makes your personal details (such as applications or email) less likely to be compromised should either get stolen.
  • Before leaving for your holiday travel plans, make sure to write down emergency phone numbers such as bank and credit card contacts. These will be useful should your cards go missing.
  • When using public WiFi, consider logging in using a VPN (virtual private network). If you do not have a VPN, one can be purchased for about $10 a month. Logging in via a VPN can help limit the information you expose when using your laptop to access the internet via public WiFi.

LifeLock Sweepstakes

When you go check out the Facebook game, be sure to enter the win the monthly sweepstakes! The grand prize this month is a $4,500 travel voucher for a family vacation! Oh, what fun you could have with that, right?

As always, LifeLock’s best tips can be found in the LifeLock for Life sweepstakes (as mentioned above), or by Following LifeLock on Twitter, and of course Liking LifeLock on Facebook or Joining the Circles on Google+.

Will you be traveling this holiday season? What are your tips for keeping your identity and personal items safe during travel?

Disclosure: I am compensated as a LifeLock Ambassador, however, all opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.
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