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Who Has Time for Fun? I’m Making Time!

I can’t even begin to tell you how busy our lives have been since baby Addy arrived in February. My husband an d I both work full time jobs outside of the home. When we get home we cook, eat dinner and take care of the kids. We get the ready for bed and sit with them as they fall asleep. By the time the kids are in bed and we prepare everything for the next day many times we are left exhausted from the day and we don’t make the time for ourselves to relax and enjoy a few minutes. Lately though, I’ve asked my husband for just thirty minutes each night to sit with me after the kids are asleep for us to spend quality time with one another.

When I first asked him this, I was wondering what on earth we could do that would allow us to enjoy some relaxing and fun time together. I started reminiscing about things from when I was a kid that made me smile and one thing that came to mind was playing bingo with my Bingo Ballsgrandma. I remember my grandmother was a huge fan of bingo and looked forward to going to play bingo weekly with her friends. She also played the game with my sisters and I and we always had so much fun! So I started to look online for something for my husband and I to do since obviously we can’t leave the house when the kids are sleeping (not to mention we are too tired to make it a night OUT) and I found partybingo.com. I was thrilled to find this exciting game site that we could enjoy right from the comfort of our home while our little ones are asleep!

What do you do for relaxing, fun time with your significant other? I’ve been wanting (needing) this time for a while now and I’m so thankful we’ve found something! Do you bingo? 🙂

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