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Looking at Eco-Friendly Family Cars

I mentioned a while back that we needed a second car. We have two cars, our mini van that I normally drive and we have a two-door Honda Accord that is VERY difficult to get an infant seat in and out of the back seat! We’ve been talking for a while now about trading that car in and getting something more appropriate for our growing family. Maybe we won’t trade the car in since our oldest son is now 16 and will be needing a car soon. So many options to think about!

While online the other day I was browsing at used cars from VCARS.co.uk. I am pretty sure we are going to go with a used car so I wanted to get an idea of what was out there. When searching it dawned upon me that we really need to look into eco-friendly family cars. One car that came up in my research was the Ford Escape Hybrid. I think that would be a great sized vehicle for a second car and it has some great features.

Ford Escape Hybrid

I was impressed that the Ford Escape Hybrid offers exceptional fuel economy, as well as good pollution and greenhouse gas scores. Not only that, but it is an affordable compact SUV! Want to know something else super cool? The Escape’s seats are made from recycled materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills! I am loving this option!

So, after looking into this a bit more I think I’ve found some options, but I am still not ready to make that purchase. What finally got you to the point of getting a different car? Did you buy used? Did you get an eco-friendly car?


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