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Including Whole Grains in Your Baby’s Diet

The early years of a child’s life are instrumental in developing food preferences and tastes. A whole grain possesses natural nutrition and a unique rich flavor. In fact, whole grains are so good for you that the USDA recommends that 3 of our grain servings each day are made up of whole grains. Whole grains have fiber, vitamins and minerals and when children begin eating whole grains early, they tend to develop a preference for those flavors for a lifetime of healthy eating! Naturally, whole grain provides so many benefits.

Benefits of Eating Whole Grains at an Early Age

  • Rich in fiber to help maintain healthy digestion. To calculate the grams of fiber your child needs each day just add 5 to their age (i.e. 4-year-old + 5 = 9 grams of fiber)
  • Helps control blood sugar and maintain cholesterol within already normal limits.
  • Unique, natural flavors the depth of these natural whole grain flavors is appealing to children and helps them develop a preference for the healthier food.
  • For more information on whole grains, check out the following article on Earth’s Best’s website entitled “The Whole Story on Whole Grains.”

Earth’s Best Fruit and Grain Purees offer the best of both worlds when it comes to whole grains. Available in four different varieties including Apple Peach Oatmeal, Apple Plum Kamut, Banana Raspberry Brown Rice and Pear Apricot barley, these unique pouches are made from a delicious blend of organic fruit and hearty whole grains. The fiber in whole grains can help baby stay satisfied longer after meals and snacks and each variety contains 45% of the daily value of Vitamin C, essential for baby’s growth and development. They are perfect for babies 6 months and older, offering baby a variety of whole grains helps to expand their exposure to new tastes and textures.

Earth's Best Cereal


Fruit & Whole Grain Baby Food

More Earth’s Best products packed with whole grains:

  • Whole grain infant cereal: Earth’s Best Infant Cereals are made with a variety of whole grains.
  • Jarred foods with whole grains: After infant cereal, many babies’ next foods come from a jar. Look for stage appropriate jarred baby foods and if they have a grain ingredient, make sure it is a ‘whole grain’. Earths Best has a large selection of jarred foods with whole grains. Try the Fruit & Whole Grain Combinations or Earth’s Best Organic® Wholesome Grains Baby Foods.
  • Whole grain snacks: Healthy snacks made with whole grains comprise an important part of your child’s diet. Earth’s Best and Sesame Street offer a wide variety of savory or sweet whole grain snack foods: Tots Honey Graham Organic Crunchin’ Blocks, Sesame Street Apple Cinnamon Sticks – Crunchin Grahams and delicious Kidz Organic Whole Grain Bars.

What is your favorite Earth’s Best product to help add grains to your baby/toddler’s diet? What other ways do you add them? 

Disclosure: I am an Earth’s Best ambassador and receive products from them, however, my opinion is 100% my own and not influenced in any way. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

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