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Help Get the Kids out of the House: Top Water Fun Games For the Kids! (Guest Post)

When it is boiling hot in the summer, water games are a great way to have fun and keep the kids cool. You don’t need a lot of kit for this, just a little imagination – the adults can play too! Not only will this result in great exercise, but it’ll wear out the kids, so they’re more docile in the evening. Just keep a close eye on things because we don’t want any tears! If your child has a birthday in summer, these games make for a really exciting and energetic day with friends. Obviously let the parents know that it will be water-play, or you may have some very angry phone calls later.

Water Limbo

Limbo is hard enough, but if you have a hose, this game will have an added element of peril! Instead of using a long pole, create a jet of water from your hose and encourage the kids to limbo underneath it. Anyone who can’t quite make it will get a face full of water. Any cheating can be punished with a soaking. To make this more fun, play some limbo music and offer prizes to the winners. Tropical garlands and Hawaiian shirts are great additions to this tropical game.

Water Balloon Dodgeball

All you need for water balloon dodgeball is a bucket and some water balloons. This game works almost exactly the same as dodgeball, except catching the ball (or water balloon) is out of the question. Instead, this game is all about how well you can dodge the missiles. Once you’re drenched by a water balloon, you’re out of the competition. The team which annihilates all their opponents first, wins.

This game can also be adapted for tig. Whoever is ‘on’ is loaded with a water balloon, and when they hit their target, the next person who is ‘on’ uses water balloons to tig the other players. This game will push the kids to run faster than ever before, with the threat of getting soaked hanging over their heads! If you can’t manage water balloons, soak a large sponge (like you’d use for washing the car) instead.

Tug of War
Tug Of War

Divide the kids into two even teams and then hand them a single, thick rope. This game will work exactly like Tug of War, except a sprinkler will be set up in the middle, instead of a flag. The first team to soak their opponents wins.

Treasure Hunt

If you are lucky enough to have a huge, inflatable swimming pool, you can play Treasure Hunt. The swimming pool will have to be deep enough for the kids to swim under the water and retrieve gold tokens. The child with the most coins at the end of the game is the winning pirate and should receive a prize. You will probably need goggles and swimwear for this, so alert parents in advance. Obviously, also check that the children can swim well, and don’t leave them in the water alone. Accidents do happen.

Written on behalf of Playrite who specialise in creating fun and safe playing environments for children.



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  1. Great ideas! It was warm enough in Mississippi today that I could have done these things today!

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