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Health Tips for Helping with Stress: Yoga and Stretching (Guest Post)

If there is any place that isn’t Zen, it’s the workplace. Not only can work be a stressful environment, but being bent at a desk for around 8 hours a day can prove to be detrimental to your body’s health. There is a new workplace craze and it helps you to get in touch with your inner yogi…that’s a practitioner of yoga; not a bear.

Yoga Girl


Stress is one of the leading causes of employees taking sick-leave from work. Experts have even started calling it the “21st century equivalent of the Black Death.” Yoga can help you remain calm when things get hectic – just a few minutes at your desk every day can help you achieve balance. If you’ve been experiencing aches or pains at work too, due to being cooped up in a business chair all day, a little yoga helps work out the niggles.


Close your eyes and focus on your breathing (don’t fall asleep). Inhaling and exhaling deeply will start to de-stress the body during a difficult day. The flow of oxygen to the body is restricted at work, and this will re-oxygenate your body – especially your brain, which probably needs a little waking up in the afternoon.

Let’s Twist Again

In a seated position, twist from side to side in your chair – feet placed firmly on the ground. Twists are great for digestion and stretching out tired muscles. You should hopefully feel any tension in your back melt away. Keep your hands on your chair and look over your shoulder – you should feel this stretch through your throat too.

Your company should have informed you on the correct positioning you need to adopt at your desk to avoid excess strain on your body. If your employers have not taken care of this, inform solicitors based in Liverpool, and you may have a claim.

Move Your Neck

You neck stores up all the stress of the day and spreads it out into your shoulders and upper back. Neck exercises can help prevent pain. Roll your neck from side-to-side, look up, look down, and repeat.

Move down the body with shoulder rolls and wrist swivels to help prevent nasty carpal tunnel syndrome. Body bends will flood blood to your brain and increase energy.


Eye yoga? Yes, you heard. Staring at a computer screen all day can tire out your eyes. Every now and then, look away from the computer and blink. Either that or rub your palms together so they are toasty and place them over your eye sockets for a few seconds. The heat you’ve generated should help the eye muscles relax.

Reach for the Stars

Interlock your fingers and push up, stretching out your arms and your spine. This does wonders for your whole upper body. You may hear a few clicks from your back – that means it is working!


No, that doesn’t mean falling asleep on your keyboard. Cross your arms on the desk in front of you, and rest your forehead on your hands. If anyone asks you why you’re taking a kip at your desk, you can tell them you’re doing desk yoga. We take no responsibility for funny looks from colleagues.

For further information click onto Hughes Carlisle’s site as they are specialist solicitors based in Liverpool and Warrington who help to inform people of topics relating to health among others.



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  1. Stephanie Thompson says:

    My sister had to drag me out to go to yoga and now I love going cause it helps with everything.

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