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An Exciting New Way to Play Bingo!

Recently I have been reminiscing about the days when I was younger. Granted, I’m not old, but to think that I was an adult 15+ years ago makes me feel old! Time has been slipping past us as we rush through our busy schedules. My grandmother used to play bingo a lot. She truly enjoyed the game and she loved getting out of the house to go play at a local bingo hall. I remember her having the game at her house and my sisters and I always looked forward to playing the game with her because we saw how much she really liked it. When I still lived in the same area as them we would all gather at grandma’s house every Sunday afternoon and enjoy a late lunch and many games of her favorite thing: bingo! That was many years ago and times have certainly changed!
BingoWith working full time and having a blog to maintain (which is a second job) I rarely have time to go out with my husband and do things like my grandmother would have done 20-25 years ago. I don’t even know if there are bingo halls around these days. I certainly don’t see them if there are any! My husband and I have recently discovered an exciting game online where we can still have all of the fun of bingo plus more right in the comfort of our own home after a long day! Ladbrokes Bingo is our online source of fun and exciting bingo! Playing bingo online is actually more exciting to me because it’s not just a boring black and white card in front of me. I have a lot of friends who are really into online games and now I see why! It’s just so exciting and I love that I can play games in my pajamas!

Do you play games online? Have you tried playing bingo online? It really is a very exciting way to play! 🙂 


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  1. my son just told me about 4 pics 1 word on an app, not sure if it is on the internet too…..so addictive and fun

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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