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Vertical Blinds are Economical!

That’s right, did you know that vertical blinds can be economical? I bet that caught your attention and you are wondering how!!? My husband and I are always on the look out for ways to save money and energy as we are on our green mission and we’ve been able to do this with using vertical blinds in our home!

Vertical BlindsThe living area in our home is on the small side but we have almost a full wall of windows that we’ve covered using vertical blinds. We do this for a few reasons. First, the light colored vertical blinds lighten the room and they are so easy to open and allow light in. We use less electricity because of our vertical blinds being bright! The second reason is that they also make the room appear larger, which is something we need with our small area! We are actually looking into adding vertical blinds to all of our rooms because they’ve been so great in our living area.

Anther way we’ve lightened our room to save on electricity is by using a light yellow color of paint. We’ve recently painted the entire inside of our home and we used light colors everywhere to lighten our home and reduce the use of electricity. Using mirrors on the wall is another great way to help with lightening a room. We used to have a wall of mirrors on our wall, however, we just got tired of the look recently and when we were doing our remodeling we took them down.

What are some unique ways you use to help save energy and to lighten your living space? I love light, bright rooms so I am always looking for more tips! 

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