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Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – Breast Feeding and Jury Duty

I’m rather excited about this week’s topic because it’s about breast feeding (As always) and jury duty! I am one of the “weirdos” that enjoys being called for jury duty. My husband thinks I am totally crazy for this, but I like it! I am intrigued by our legal system. It often crosses my mind though, “what would I do if I were called for jury duty and I was still nursing?” Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner and I are here to discuss our thoughts this week about breast feeding and jury duty.

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I first thought of this a few weeks ago when I barely heard something on the news as I was cooking dinner. The news station said something about breast feeding women being excused from jury duty. My brain immediately went to work and I started thinking more and more about this topic. One of my earliest thoughts? Breast feeding women are “excused” from jury duty? What if they WANT to serve jury duty? It’s like they are accepting breast feeding as a medical “condition” and I am almost offended by that. Breast feeding is something I CHOOSE to do, it’s not a medical condition that holds me back from anything. It’s an honor to be a breast feeding mama so if they are excusing me thinking there is something wrong with me, no thank you! I’ll serve!

CourtOk, maybe I took those thoughts a bit far because I am sure if you want to serve, you can as long as breast feeding doesn’t interfere with court proceedings. They do take breaks and I am sure you could pump during breaks, but why can’t breast feeding be important enough to them that they take breaks when I need them? Yea, taking it too far again aren’t I? 😉 LOL

I have only been called for jury duty once unless you count the time that I got called for jury duty in Ohio 10 years after I moved to another state. LOL  Yea, that happened. I was not pregnant or nursing at the time I got called and I actually got selected for a case. It was federal court and I found it to be very interesting and even educational! Looking back on that, do I think I could have taken breaks to successfully pump? I’m not sure. We had breaks, and often times they were long enough so I think it could have been do-able.

Overall, I guess it is right that they allow nursing mamas to be excused from jury duty (as long as it’s because that is what she chooses) because I know some mamas who have never given a bottle to their little one so that would be rather difficult. If that were the case for us I would definitely chose NOT to serve.  Since I work outside of the house and Addy gets a bottle 4 days a week anyway, I think it would be fine for us.

What do you think? Do you think nursing mamas should be excused from jury duty?

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  1. breastfeeding moms are not disabled so they can attend jury duty.. it seems like by excusing breastfeeding moms they make it like they are disabled. Its not idea to have to spend the day at jury duty when you could be at home breastfeeding your baby, but at the same time working moms leave their baby and continue to breastfeed. Thanks for a fun topic.

  2. I don’t think they are saying breastfeeding moms are disabled, but like you said, there are some mamas that have never given their baby a bottle so having this “out” of jury duty is great for them. I work full time so my little one gets a bottle 5 days a week, but I don’t know that I would want to do jury duty now and try to pump. By law, I am pretty sure they would have to allow you time to pump, that said, they would probably dismiss you anyways because they don’t want to deal with the trouble of giving you breaks. I got called up 1 time when I was 18, I had just had my son and told them I was a single mom and my work would not pay to go and they dismissed me 🙂

  3. Huh that is interesting. I guess I have never really thought about it. I think that is the tricky thing though making sure they give you enough breaks to pump and the age of your child. If I had a newborn, I woudn’t want to and not sure they would allow me to pump every 2 hours or so. I am sure they just don’t want to deal with it

  4. I think excusing breastfeeding mamas from jury duty is a wonderful way of honoring the importance of breastfeeding. That’s a good sign! Certainly any breastfeeding mama who didn’t feel the need to take the excuse could probably still serve but I would gladly take it if I were called up. Like you, I would love to serve but not while I have a little nursling who depends on me.

  5. This actually happened to me and in my state you are not excused for nursing to my knowledge.. The pamphlet stated ” being the primary caregiver of small children does not excuse you from serving.” I just prayed real hard and made it home before she even woke up:) everyone was dismissed that day!

    • Hi Kandia! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Glad you were dismissed and didn’t miss nursing your baby! I would be so worried about that! The news story I heard about nursing mamas being excused from jury duty was in Michigan. Apparently the governor there signed a bill that will excuse nursing mamas from duty. I am sure it’s different in every state, but I think we should have the choice. 🙂

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