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Menu Challenge Monday Week Three

I think last week went a tad bit better than the first week. Still not perfect, but this is something I am working on!

This is what I had planned and how I did:

Monday – Pizza  #FAIL   the kids were sick and we ended up grabbing something quick.

Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli and Mushrooms  – actually had a frozen chicken, spinach, mushroom, pasta meal AT HOME! 🙂

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie  – actually had Kielbasa, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes AT HOME! 🙂 

Thursday: Left Overs from Tuesday and Wednesday – #FAIL we ended up not having left overs and had errands to run when I got home from work so there was no time to cook. We grabbed something quick!

Friday: Beef and Noodles with a side of Corn –#FAIL we ate out. Yea, we both wanted soup from Bob Evans. 

Saturday: Eating Out – We didn’t eat out, we actually had Beef and Noodles with a side of Corn AT HOME! 🙂 

Sunday: General Tso’s Chicken and Rice with Egg Rolls (cooked at home – not take out!) We actually had  Garlic Parmesan Chicken, noodles and mixed veggies AT HOME! It was great! Stay tuned for the recipe coming up in a post tomorrow! See below for how great it looked! 😉

Garlic Parmesan Chicken

Ok, so not ONE day was as I had planned. What I am happy with though is the fact that we ATE AT HOME FOUR DAYS!!! This is in improvement and it’s only going to get better! After this week since this week has many things on the schedule that are not typical.

Here’s what I plan on this week:

Monday – left over Garlic Parmesan Chicken

Tuesday – Chicken Pot Pie (I already made this and put it in the freezer to this is a sure bet!)

Wednesday – left over Chicken Pot Pie (we always have enough for two days)

Thursday General Tso’s Chicken and Rice with Egg Rolls (cooked at home – not take out!)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have to eat out because of some things going on. 🙁

 I may try to cook Sunday, but I am not sure I will have the time.

What about you? Any interesting recipes planned for the week? 


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  1. I definitely need to plan my meals out too. I think that would definitely help so I don’t feel rushes or end up making the same things we always make. I have no motivation though being so early on in my pregnancy. Hopefully I will get some soon or energy lol

  2. Michelle F. says:

    The chicken looks really good.

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