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Debate with the Danielle’s: Gender Specific Toys

This week I’m linking up again with my blogging friends, Danielle from We Don’t Have it All Together, But Together We Have it All and Danielle from Happenings of the Harper Household for their weekly debate. This week they are talking about gender specific toys.

Friendly Debates with the Danielles

In our home, there really are no gender specific toys. If it’s there and it’s a toy, Addy AND LA will play with it! I do not have a problem with my boys playing with dolls, kitchens, or having tea parties; and I don’t have a problem with my daughter playing with trucks, cars and trains. In fact, I think it’s good for them!


We actually bought a kitchen for LA a few weeks ago as well as a shopping cart. Many people would consider those to be “girl” toys, but he loves them. He also treats his Elmo like a doll baby and puts Elmo in the shopping cart and pushes his “baby” around. I think it’s cute. Do I think it’s going to affect him in the future? No way. If anything, I am proud that my son has those fatherly instincts. My teenager played with dolls and barbies at one point (when he was about 2-3 years old) and he turned out completely fine. I think it’s a normal stage that kids go through. Besides, to them, they are just toys until an ADULT tells them “Hey, that’s a GIRL toy” or a “BOY toy”.

What do you think about toys? Should they be gender specific? How do you feel about your little ones playing with “boy” or “girl” toys? 

Be sure to stop by and see what both Danielle’s had to say about this topic, too!

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  1. WeeMason's Mom says:

    My two year old son loves his shopping cart and kitchen too! Nothing wrong with that at all!

  2. I think gender specific toys are ridiculous. I mean labeling them. What is wrong with teaching your son how to cook or teaching your daughter how to build and fix things. Nothing. Our society is so fixated on little princesses etc, that they forget that having children who know how to do a variety of things is a great thing!!

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