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Baby Food Jars – Your Ideas Being Put to Use!

Rice Jar for Baby

We use jarred baby foods. We use Earth's Best stage one foods at this time. We love their foods and can trust that what is in them is safe. I realize that many people prefer not to use them because of the waste, however, I've decided that I will be re-using our jars for other things. I recently asked on Facebook what YOU use jars for and I am putting some of them to use and blogging about them! Samantha H had this great idea, in fact this only … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature with Nature Bumz

Baby Kangas Diapers

We love cloth diapering. I love trying new cloth diapers on my little ones and this week I get to tell you all about a great shop and a great diaper! For this week's feature we worked with Nature Bumz on a review of the Baby Kangas diaper. Nature Bumz is an online baby and natural parenting store that carries a wide array of products. Not only do they carry a wide selection of cloth diapering brands and products, but they carry safe and … [Read more...]

Dinner Made Easy with Progresso Recipe Starters (Giveaway)

Progresso Ingredients

If you've been following my Menu Challenge Monday posts you know that I am challenged when it comes to not only cooking, but finding the time to cook. I was thrilled when I recently had the chance to try Progresso Recipe Starters because I knew it would make a great meal quicker! The meal I prepared was a big hit in our home so I can't wait to share with you! If you've not heard of Progresso Recipe Starters, listen up! These are great ways to … [Read more...]

Keeping My Toddler Happy with Happy Snax (Giveaway)

Earth's Best Snax

With summer drawing to a close, it’s essential to find ways to keep toddlers smiling as seasons change and the cool temperatures close in on us. Luckily, Earth’s Best recently introduced a brand new tasty and visually appealing on-the-go toddler snack- Earth’s Best Happy Snax! These snax definitely keep our little guy smiling! He loves his snax and these have proven to be another hit in our home! New Earth’s Best Organic® Happy Snax Whole … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – My Joy

Addy Smiles

These two little ones give me countless smiles every day! They bring me so much joy! My babywearing baby! :) My toddler loves being worn so I wasn't surprised when he decided that he wanted to wear his bear! I helped him get it on after I saw what he was trying to do! He love our Onya Baby Carrier too! Have you entered the giveaway? … [Read more...]

#Green #Giveaways Galore – Link Up and Enter to #Win!

Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama and I are loving these green giveaways and we are here again for our weekly linky devoted to Green Giveaways! Please feel free to link up your green, eco-friendly giveaways and make sure to leave the end date for entrants! This linky will be open until next Monday so feel free to stop by and add any giveaways you post throughout the week! These are our only requirements for adding a giveaway: It must be family … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – Breast Feeding and Jury Duty


I'm rather excited about this week's topic because it's about breast feeding (As always) and jury duty! I am one of the "weirdos" that enjoys being called for jury duty. My husband thinks I am totally crazy for this, but I like it! I am intrigued by our legal system. It often crosses my mind though, "what would I do if I were called for jury duty and I was still nursing?" Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner and I are here to discuss our thoughts … [Read more...]

Debate with the Danielles – TVs in the Kids’ Room?

Television for Kids

This is becoming a weekly post that I am enjoying! I hope you are too! :) This week's Debate with Danielle from Happenings of the Harper Household and Danielle from We Don't Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All is about TVs in kids' bedrooms. What do you think? Yay or Nay? This very topic has been discussed among my husband and I numerous times. Our 16 year old has had a TV in his bedroom since he was about eleven. I gave in … [Read more...]

Menu Challenge Monday Week Three

Garlic Parmesan Chicken

I think last week went a tad bit better than the first week. Still not perfect, but this is something I am working on! This is what I had planned and how I did: Monday – Pizza  #FAIL  - the kids were sick and we ended up grabbing something quick. Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli and Mushrooms  - actually had a frozen chicken, spinach, mushroom, pasta meal AT HOME! :) Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie  - actually had Kielbasa, … [Read more...]

Vertical Blinds are Economical!

Vertical Blinds

That's right, did you know that vertical blinds can be economical? I bet that caught your attention and you are wondering how!!? My husband and I are always on the look out for ways to save money and energy as we are on our green mission and we've been able to do this with using vertical blinds in our home! The living area in our home is on the small side but we have almost a full wall of windows that we've covered using vertical blinds. We do … [Read more...]

Feel Good About Snacking with Peeled Snacks (Giveaway)

Peeled Snacks

I have a snack addiction that I too often do not feel good about. I often try to eat healthy snacks, but I am not always successful. Since I am currently nursing baby Addy, I make sure to snack throughout the day to get enough calories and nutritious foods. The goal at Peeled Snacks is to make you feel good about snacking, that simple. For me, they did just that! Feel Good Snacks! With Peeled Snacks, I definitely feel good about snacking. I … [Read more...]

The Fall into Green Giveaway Hop is Here!

THinc Fresh out of the Tub

Being a mama who loves learning about new green products, I am pleased to welcome you to the Fall Into Green Giveaway Hop! This event is hosted by Happy Mothering and Happy Green Mama through the Green Moms Network. Each participating blog is hosting a green or eco-friendly giveaway worth at least $25. You can find the list of participating blogs at the bottom of my post. We also have a fabulous Grand Prize for this giveaway hop, sponsored by … [Read more...]

Keeping Baby Entertained with Tiny Love’s My Nature Pals (Giveaway)

Addy in Tiny Love Gym

My little girl is just growing way too fast and she is entertained by all sorts of things these days. We recently got to try out some new products from Tiny Love and we had some major fun with these products!  The two items we tried were the Tiny Love My Nature Pals Gymini and the My Nature Pals Mobile. One fabulous thing about these items is they are both gender neutral so you can buy them and use them for multiple kids - what a great value that … [Read more...]

Challenge Your Kids and Their Memory with Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie Memory Game

While you are waiting around for Frankenweenie to arrive in theaters October 5th, who doesn't love a game of Memory? Here are some great sheets you can print and cut out for an amazingly fun game of Memory! Check it out and let me now how you like these! FRANKENWEENIE - Memory Games (click the above link to open the PDF file and … [Read more...]

What Makes Me a Terrible Mama

Mom Wars

Being a "mommy blogger" and participating in various groups I see "mommy wars" all too often. It's time we stop the madness and start to support one another. We have differences; no one is exactly the same as another person and I thank God for that! It's time we stop judging one another and let each mama make decisions that are right for HER family. Jen fromLife With Levi shared this great photo on her Facebook fan page Wednesday. What happened … [Read more...]

Learning More about Earth’s Best Growers

Ever wonder where your fruits and veggies come from? I wonder this ALL OF THE TIME. We walk into stores and trust that the items we are buying are from a safe source. Well, isn't it great to KNOW that all Earth’s Best growers treat their crops with care in order to ensure the best products go into each Earth’s Best item, giving your children the best food experience possible? Earth's Best even publishes information about their growers so we can … [Read more...]

Our Canvas Keepsake from Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints Logo

Our family photographs are some of my most prized possessions. I love them. I have a ton of them and take pictures of my little ones all the time! I used to do photography work as well;  it's really a part of me and deep in my heart. Some of my favorite photos of my husband and I are the maternity photos we took when I was pregnant with LA two years ago. The photographer did an amazing job and really captured the love we share. We recently did a … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Stacking Jars

Stacking Earth's Best Jars

We were waiting in the check out line the other day at Babies R Us and LA wanted to sit in the cart. I put him in there and watched what he wanted to do: he wanted to play with baby Addy's Earth's Best Stage 1 baby food jars that we were buying! He was stacking them and then making them fall and stacking them again. Over and over again!  It was so cute! I had to take pictures! :) Thank God for camera phones! See, another great use for our Earth's … [Read more...]

Debate with the Danielle’s: Gender Specific Toys

This week I'm linking up again with my blogging friends, Danielle from We Don't Have it All Together, But Together We Have it All and Danielle from Happenings of the Harper Household for their weekly debate. This week they are talking about gender specific toys. In our home, there really are no gender specific toys. If it's there and it's a toy, Addy AND LA will play with it! I do not have a problem with my boys playing with dolls, … [Read more...]

#Green Giveaways Galore! Link Up or Enter to #Win

Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama and I are here again for another week of our weekly linky devoted to Green Giveaways! Please feel free to link up your green, eco-friendly giveaways and make sure to leave the end date for entrants! This linky will be open until next Monday so feel free to stop by and add any giveaways you post throughout the week! These are our only requirements for adding a giveaway: It must be family friendly. It must be a … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – University Teacher Breast Feeds in Class

I saw this story on Good Morning America last week and had to write a post about it. On August 28, the assistant anthropology professor at American University woke up to a sick baby and knew daycare wasn't an option. Apparently she is also a single mother and she didn't want to miss her lecture (I believe it was the first day of class). In her mind, she had no option other than taking her sick daughter to work with her. The baby (around a year … [Read more...]

We’re Ready for Halloween with Wholesale Costume Club!

Wholesale Costume Club

This year, Halloween should be incredibly fun. LA had an Eeyore costume last year, but this year he, of course, outgrew that so we needed to get a new costume. LA turned  two in July and although I know he will be hesitant, I also know he'll really enjoy Halloween! He has been an Elmo addict for the past few months so when it came to selecting his 2012 Halloween costume, I had an easy decision. Wholesale Costume Club was one of the first … [Read more...]