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Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – Too Much Milk?

Last week we discussed what you can do to increase your milk supply. This week Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner and I are going to discuss what to do with too much milk! Do you have this problem?

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I can’t say as I’ve had this problem too often. One of my dear friends had this issue though. She had SOOOO much milk in her freezer when she was nursing her little boy. In fact, there came a time near the end of my nursing journey with LA that I was worried about my supply and got some milk from this friend to store in our freezer just in case we needed it. I do have about 120 ounces in our freezer, however, I switch it out with what I pump when it’s been in there a while so that none expires. What can you do with that extra milk though if you are so blessed with an overabundance?

My number one answer is to donate it!! There are so many babies in NICUs that NEED breast milk and they don’t have it for whatever reason. There are also mamas who adopt babies and can’t nurse that want their babies to have breast milk. Finally, there are those mothers who want so badly to nurse their baby but they can’t. You can search for milk banks to donate milk. Many do require extensive testing and forms but wouldn’t you want the person donating milk to your baby be thoroughly checked out?

Outside of donating, breast milk is really liquid gold! You WANT to have this stuff around the house! (well, in the fridge anyway!) There are so many uses for breast milk, here are just a few things we’ve personally used it for in our home: treating ear infections, eczema, sore nipples and diaper rash! There are many, many more wonderful uses for breast milk!

How do you use it? Do you consider it LIQUID GOLD too? 

Be sure to visit Courney at Joy of Momma Joyner to see what ideas she has on what you can do with an overabundance of breast milk! We’d love for you to link up if you blog and nurse (or have nursed). Enter your blog post below!

Happy nursing! 

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  1. Julieanne Pham says:

    Its amazing how many uses there are for breastmilk! put some in baby girls eye because it was red.

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