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Our Family’s Roar & Explore Get Away in Columbus, Ohio (Part 3)

Sunday morning arrived rather quickly. We had been having so much fun in Columbus and I knew it would fly! We woke up again at Drury Inn & Suites and had their hot breakfast! Once again, it was nothing less than great! The lobby and eating area were really full though since it was Sunday morning and many people were leaving, including us. The check out was simple…well, pretty much non existent as we didn’t have to turn our keys in or check out at the front desk. There was a spot to recycle the hotel key cards though – love that!!! We did have one final amazing day in Columbus!

Around Columbus

After leaving the hotel, we drove around Columbus and had a great time seeing the sites before going to our final Columbus desitnation: Cosi. I saw something that really caught my eye: the Eddie George restaurant!! I was in love with Eddie George (sorry, honey) when he played for Ohio State so to me, this was an amazing place! I only wish we could have eaten there! (upper left photo) We had also asked around about desserts and were told that Jeni’s Ice Cream was a great place so we had to check it out. LA had a great time on the unique stools as daddy was figuring out what he wanted. They had a great selection of seasonal ice creams and with it being summer, many were fruit and berry related – it was great! In fact, their strawberry ice cream was literally the best strawberry ice cream I have ever eaten.

Cosi SignsWhen we arrived at Cosi I was impressed. I had been there about 15 years ago and it was in a different location and now, it’s much bigger! The outside of the large building had the fun lettering of the name Cosi. There was also a gorgeous tree looking piece of art (see to the left, middle picture) outside of the building. I love it and it was neat watching it move around! Just inside is the fun lettering again, this time in color, and right behind a Pendulum Clock. This thing was so neat and we learned that the rotation of the earth causes the pendulum to periodically knock off a metal ball and if you pay extra cloe attention you can actually tell the time but this amazing thing! There was a Cosi worker that asked for assistance from the crowd to put the metal balls back on the clock. I thought that was a great experience for the kids! I did smudge them out of the picture since they weren’t my kids, but how neat is that? Oh, the fun they must have had!

After checking that our for a while we had to decide where we were going to go. There were so many things to see and we had to figure out what would be best for our little guy to see and do that would keep him occupied.

Cosi Fun

One thing I saw that I knew he would love was this drum shown in the picture above. This thing was so neat, even I as an adult loved it! You simply put your hands on the bars and the drum beats….it not only beats, it beats to the rhythm of YOU HEARTBEAT!!! How incredibly cool is that? It was also amazing seeing him stand in front of this tree shown above (bottom right). As most people know, each ring around the tree tells the age of the tree. This tree was HUGE!

Cosi RecycleI was pleasantly surprised by some of the displays being about recycling. You know that caught this mama’s eye! There were actually three of the displays on the left. This one was for paper. There was also one for metal and one for plastics. They were so neat! This paper display shows the paper in the top section, it shows it shredded and made into smaller elements in the middle section and then finally it shows the paper and what it’s been made into. This paper had been made into paper pulp…it looked like packaging supplies! How neat is that? I loved this. We all know about recycling, but actually seeing a small part of the process and what is made it really interesting to me! In fact, I was so interested in it that daddy and LA left me and baby Addy behind!

I was also very happy to see workers (possibly volunteers?) throughout the hallways as you travel from one exhibit to another. These workers were giving demonstrations and explaining certain scientific topics. There was one young lady who had a container of uncooked beans and a metal ball and a plastic ball. She shook the container to see which ball would end up on top and explained to use why that happened. It was rather neat!

The next exhibit we enjoyed was the Ocean Exhibit. This was very interesting and something our water baby, LA, truly loved! The ancient stories of the sea can be discovered here! Daddy and LA both had fun!

Dad and son having fun at Cosi

LA especially loved the balls shooting up on top of water! As a two year old, does it get any better? 😉

Cosi Toddler Zone

Another favorite section for LA was the Little Kid Space at Cosi, seen above. He had a ball at this place and didn’t want to leave! He ran around seeing one thing and then another til he ran himself tired!

Nursing Area

I was also very pleased to see a nursing area in the Little Kid Space at Cosi. Yes, ANOTHER family friendly place in Columbus.  They had a room to go into that really was a FAMILY room. There was a seat for dad, a rocking chair for mama to nurse baby Addy and they had toys to entertain LA while lil sis was being fed. It was a great area to relax for a few minutes while feeding baby and it was greatfor not having to worry about what my other child was doing because he was right there with me.

There was also a traveling water exhibit there that daddy and I thought was pretty interesting. That’s the great thing about Cosi: they have something for everyone, no matter what age you are! We had an amazing time!

You can plan your wonderful Columbus, Ohio get away too and “Roar & Explore” with this fabulous package! Visit their website for all of the details you’ll need to plan your fun! Can’t go this year? No worries, it will be available next year, too! 🙂

This was a three day trip that our family recently took. You can read all about day one and day two of our trip to see what great things Columbus has to offer young families!

FTC Disclosure: We were provided with the Roar & Explore package for an honest review of Columbus, Ohio and the events included in the package. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great vacation! I bet my daughter would like the ocean exhibit and little kid space too. If I ever make it to Columbus, I’ll have to remember these places!

  2. I love it when hotels actually have good breakfast! COSI seems like a super awesome place and I love that they are breastfeeding friendly 🙂 If we ever make it to Columbus this will be on the top of our list for places to visit.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I have a friend that lives in Ohio, I may have to go visit someday!

  4. Looks like a great family place to visit. We drive thru OH on our way to VA every couple of years. This would be a great place to stop!

  5. Your son is so cute! The next time I drive through ohio on the way to visit my family, I’ll have to stop here! I love places like these

  6. Looks like your son had a great time! I think id even enjoy the Little Kid Space lol

  7. Cynthia C says:

    Looks like the perfect family weekend. My kids loved COSI when they were small.

  8. Looks like a blast for the kids. We are in Louisville but never been to Columbus!

  9. Wow, looks like an awesome day and the kids had a lot of fun! If you ever get out to NJ/Philadelphia area there is Sesame Place. I KNOW your babes would LOVE that!

  10. amy deeter says:

    looks like a blast.my kids would just love it there

  11. Michelle S says:

    I like places that are interactive for kids and are not some boring stuff things for them to look at.

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