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Our Family’s Roar & Explore Get Away in Columbus, Ohio (Part 2)

I’m sorry for the delay in telling you about the rest of our trip. My laptop cord started throwing sparks late last week so I have been offline. The good news is hubby told me to go buy a new one so I have a new toy! 🙂 If you missed day one of our Road & Explore get away please check it out here. Let’s continue on and see what happened the rest of our amazing weekend!

Saturday morning came quick! It was time to get up and enjoy breakfast in the hotel lobby! After baby Addy’s morning nursing session she fell back asleep right beside big brother in bed. We thought they looked so cute so of course we had to snap a picture! No worries….we do not let them sleep like this normally but since we were away, LA was in the bed with us and it just happened but my husband and I were both awake and right there watching them. 🙂

Sleeping Babies

After our morning showers in the hotel room we went to the lobby for the hotel’s HOT breakfast. I was really excited about this because many hotels offer a breakfast but it’s cold: bagels, muffins, cereal, etc. Drury Inn & Suites offers a full hot breakfast including biscuits and gravy (a favorite of this country girl!), sausage patties, scrambled eggs, french toast and waffles. They still have cereal, muffins, donuts, etc if you want those but we enjoyed the hot breakfast! I was thrilled at the amount of food included in the stay at this wonderful hotel! It can really save families a lot of money and makes for a more affordable vacation!

Zoombezi Bay

First stop outside of the hotel? Zoombezi Bay!!  It’s the water park located right next to the Columbus Zoo! We were teased Friday when we were at the zoo and could see the amazing huge slides! We waited until we got there to change into our swimwear. I think I would suggest swimwear under clothing for the next time! The changing house was HOT. Very hot. Although I don’t LOVE public changing stations for baby, one would have been helpful here because I had to wait until my friend (sister) was done changing her daughter and herself in order for me to get my bathing suit top on because I needed her to hold Addy. I also had to change Addy while standing. Changing before at the hotel would have just been easier for a family with babies. 🙂 After changing we walked around to see where everything was.

Zoombezi Bay Slides

We checked out some giant slides that we knew we wouldn’t be riding this time just because the little ones were with us and the trip was more about them. They have a wave pool that looks really fun! The slides look amazing too and I can’t wait to ride on them another year!

Outside of the amazing huge water slides/rides for older children, teens and adults, they had a toddler area that we found after asking for directions. The toddler area isn’t huge, but that’s ok. We still had a ton of fun in the water! It was a Saturday and the park was rather busy…there were A LOT of chairs, but none available, and very few being sat in. This is nothing against the park in any way, but people really should not leave a towel on a chair for HOURS and not return when others would like to sit down. After parking our strollers and getting our shoes off, we were off to enjoy the toddler zone!

Zoombezi Bay girls

Baby Addy was nearly six months old when we went to Zoombezi Bay. We did have to hold her the entire time we were in the toddler/baby water area, which was fine and was what we expected. I wasn’t ready to put her in the water anyway since it’s not recommended to put babies in pools prior to six months. They did have some adorable fish and seashorse decorations around the toddler area that had “sprays” of water coming out. That’s what I was doing in the left picture: holding her in the water spraying out so she, too, could enjoy the cool water on the super hot day! We also tried to be creative and take a picture of she and I under the “waterfall” on the right.

Zoombezi Bay Slide

 Now on to LA. He enjoyed this more than any of us! He is a TRUE water baby. He would swim and play in water all day and night if we would let him. There were several slides for the toddlers and you can see him enjoying some of them above. These were his favorites. They also have decorative pieces placed throughout the area with slides in the middle with water spraying onto the slides. He loved them all! I was surprised that he didn’t play more with his new “best friend” but I think both of them were busy enjoying every minute of water and forgot other people were around. I did get some time with my sister though and I enjoyed every minute of that, myself!

After we left the toddler area, we immediately saw a nursing room that I could go to in order to feed baby Addy. Another place in Columbus that had a nursing area – I was more than pleased! I did have to get the room unlocked by the paramedic staff, but that wasn’t a problem at all. When I got into the room it was nice and air conditioned, there were a few chairs (including a rocking chair) and a changing table. The walls were decorated with mural type paintings and read “Zoom Baby Bay” all around – how cute is that? I loved it!

Zoombezi Bay End

This was the end of our day at the water park! The kids were asleep and hubby and I were all smiles after all the fun we had! (promise not to make fun of my hair, we were in water all day! :)) After we left Zoombezi Bay my sister’s family and our family went out to dinner. They took us to a place called “Smoky Bones”. I had never heard of it so it was nice visiting a restaurant that was new to us! They had great BBQ food and we enjoyed some more time out with the little ones and with each other. It really was great being able to spend this time with some family I hadn’t seen in way too long! Baby Addy was happy she finally got to meet Auntie, too! 🙂

If you are in the Columbus area, you have to check out Zoombezi Bay! It’s an amazing time, family friendly and the kids will love it! Especially the older kids, in fact, you probably won’t be able to get them out of the place because I am sure they won’t fall asleep! 🙂

You can plan your wonderful Columbus, Ohio get away too and “Roar & Explore” with this fabulous package! Visit their website for all of the details you’ll need to plan your fun! Can’t go this year? No worries, it will be available next year, too! 🙂

This was a three day trip that our family recently took. You can read all about day one and day three of our trip to see what great things Columbus has to offer young families!

FTC Disclosure: We were provided with the Roar & Explore package for an honest review of Columbus,

FTC Disclosure: We were provided with the Roar & Explore package for an honest review of Columbus, Ohio and the events included in the package. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.
Our Family’s Roar & Explore Get Away in Columbus, Ohio (Part 3)
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  1. That picture of them sleeping together is adorable! I love water parks and that one looks like a blast. I love that they have stuff for all ages!

  2. I haven’t been to a water park in ages! I only wish this one were closer to me – those slides look like too much fun! Would definitely bring out my inner child :).

  3. That looks like a water park last year in IL that looks exactly like that park. We had a blast!! Looks like you had a great time. And no, no making fun of your hair. We all get that hair after the day at the waterpark! lol And those two sleeping babies are precious!! Glad you had a nice dinner with your sis’s family!

  4. amy deeter says:

    i would love to take my children there.looks like you guys had a great time


  1. […] was a three day trip that our family recently took. You can read all about day two and day three of our trip to see what great things Columbus has to offer young […]

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