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Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – Our Nursing Update

This week Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner and I are posting an update on our nursing journey with our little ones. We’d love for you to link up below and tell us how your journey is going too!

Yesterday marked 20 weeks of exclusive breast milk for baby Addy. I have to say I am happy to have made it this far. When I was pregnant I questioned whether or not I would be able to nurse baby Addy because of supply issues with LA. As of right now, my goal with her is 14 months. If we make it longer I will be happy, if we don’t I will still be happy.

I spoke last week about a bit of soreness that I was having when she latches. They has pretty much gone away other than just a bit once in a while. I am not sure what it was but glad it’s gone! This week at work I’ve had a difficult time with my pumping schedule. Yesterday I only pumped twice because I had to take a late morning break and my lunch was less than two hours later so there was no point in pumping again at that time. I waited until my last break and funny thing is I still got the same amount of milk as if I pumped three times. Today, a similar situation: I had to skip my first break so I only pumped at lunch and on my last break. Again, I got the same amount of milk. Thank God! I always worry that I won’t get enough. Then I remember how silly those thoughts are since I have 100 ounces in the freezer at home. I also worry, too, that if I don’t pump on my regular schedule my supply will drop because my body will think we don’t need that much milk anymore. I just need to stop worrying I guess. It all seems to work out! 🙂

We still haven’t started baby Addy on any kind of foods. She is still on a 100% breast milk diet. 🙂 She does spit up often and I cannot wait until she outgrows that. She doesn’t seem unhappy though and she’s not losing weight, which is good!

I love our nursing times. I love sitting in a quiet room while nursing Addy and just talking to her or looking at her. Many times I get tears in my eyes. They are tears of joy that I am able to nurse her and that I finally have my baby girl! I feel so blessed and I thank God for all he’s given to us!

How is your nursing journey going? We invite you to blog about it and link up! We’d love to hear your story! If you have any topics you would like for us to write about on a future Tuesday’s Tastes post please comment below! 

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  1. Macyn is 5 months old today and we were informed at the dr yesterday that we have thrush :,(

    • Aww!! Addy had that a few months ago too! Medicine isn’t fun…she spit it out most times! LOL Hope it goes away quickly!! 🙂

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