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Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – Milk Supply Shortage

Milk supply is something I always worry about. I sometimes think it is because I work full time and pump at work. Pumping at work allows me to see how much milk I am getting, which many days I think is not enough! If I weren’t pumping daily and I were just feeding Addy, I am sure I would have confidence in the fact that she’s gaining weight so she must be eating enough.

Tuesday's Tastes

Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner and I are here for another week of Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base to discuss the problem of milk supply shortage. The entire time I nursed LA I worried about my supply. Pumped milk was indeed “liquid gold” and hubs wasn’t allowed to use it unless absolutely necessary. Almost every day that I pumped I did pump just enough for the next day. I should have looked at that as my body working and giving baby exactly what he needed and knowing what the demand was. I thought that if I didn’t pump extra that I was in trouble! I ended up having enough milk for him and he took only breast milk for 11.5 months. My supply really dropped though around 10 months, which was when I got pregnant with baby Addy.

My supply has been the same with Addy. It started out being more. In fact, I have about 100 ounces in the freezer in case we need it. These days, 5.5 months into our nursing journey and when I first returned to work I pumped JUST enough for her to use the next day when I was at work. I was sometimes short just a bit. I still find myself worrying about my supply and having enough milk, even with the reserves I have in the freezer! Because of this worry, I have tried a few things to increase my supply.

Early on in the days of nursing LA in 2010 and 2011 I tried oatmeal. Not the instant oatmeal, but the cooked oatmeal. It wasn’t the greatest but I made myself eat it every morning. I didn’t really notice a difference but I had convinced myself that if I didn’t eat it every morning my supply would drop even more. LOL

During this time I also drank mother’s milk tea. This didn’t make a difference for me either but I was convinced if I drank it, it was going to help. I think the problem was that I never drank the recommended amount. It wasn’t the best tasting tea and I could only force down 1-2 cups a day and that was a struggle.

Fast forward to my nursing journey with baby Addy that started in February of this year and this time around I am using a much better tasting item to help with my supply: Making Mama’s Milk & More cookies. I am a “cookie monster” and when I heard about lactation cookies I was rather excited. I have tried a few brands and these by far are THE BEST. Not only do these cookies taste great, but they have an amazing selection AND they work! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not pumping a ton of extra milk. I am pumping what baby Addy needs for the next day plus 1-2 ounces extra per day which adds up from 4 work days to helping with a freezer supply! I sometimes have a hard time limiting myself on these cookies and then find myself having to go a few days without to make up for what I am missing since I get a monthly subscription of them! I bet if I did limit myself and ate just one cookie each day my supply would see even more of an increase because it would be more consistent! The oatmeal chocolate chip and butterscotch oatmeal are both amazing!

Be sure to stop by Joy of Momma Joyner and check out her tips for increasing your supply! And if you are a blogger, link up – we’d love to hear your story!

What things have you done to increase supply? How did they work for you? 

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  1. Allyson Bossie says:

    It’s aw awesome you are not having a shortage! I cried on the second day I went back to work after my last child who’s now 3. Even though I was pumping at work with the hospital grade pump they gave me, I completely dried up day two. I couldn’t get a drop one, nor was there any when he nursed. I had trouble with all four, even drank the mother’s milk tea. I hadn’t heard of these cookies. Maybe they would have helped! He did just fine on formula, but I would have rather he had natural milk!


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