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Save Money with Packages from Connect Your Home

In today’s world we all rely heavily on phone, Internet and television services. Technology is a must in our lives. We recently had some storms in my area and we were left without our cable, Internet and home phone for a whole week! That quickly reminded us how much we really rely on these services. It also reminded us how much we pay for these services because when we didn’t have them we wanted a credit for the days we were without service. Then, of course, I started thinking there must be a way we can save money and not spend so much on these services each month. Even as a bundled package through our cable company we still pay a lot!
Connect Your Home

Connect Your Home is a company that can help when moving services and wanting bundled packages. Yes, bundles packages that can save you money! They are the only online stop that you will need to find the right television, internet and home phones services that are right for you! They actually do the work in searching for the best local and national promotions on home services from top satellite and cable television, home phone and high speed internet providers to find YOU the BEST offers imaginable. How great is that to have one (or three) less thing(s) to worry about when moving and changing services?

Connect Your Home has several Dish Network packages available right now at some great prices! The packages start at just $19.99 per month! Can you believe that price? I know we pay a lot more than that! The Dish Network Hopper package is one of those $19.99 packages and it includes full HD DVR functionality on every TV. The DVR functionality allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV in any room! Be sure to stop by their site and get a quote on the services you need to see just how much money you can save!


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  1. This sounds like a pretty good deal!

  2. Sabrina R says:

    Wow that’s great pricing! Like a fraction of what we pay! Thanks so much for the great info!

  3. I’m moving at the end of Septemer, I’m gonna have to check this out! Sure would like to save $$ when I start my new venture. Thanks!

  4. SOunds like a great opportunity to save money!

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