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My Birthday Just Passed – Guess what I Received?

My birthday is a huge event to me. I know, as an adult that’s silly. I really do look forward to my birthday every year though! As of two years ago, I have the honor of sharing my day with my baby boy!

When LA was born on my birthday we joked that my birthday would now be forgotten because it is his birthday. In a serious moment though, my husband promised me that he would never forgot my birthday and he wouldn’t let a year go by without recognizing it. Isn’t that sweet? Now you see why he is so adored by his wife! šŸ˜‰
Interflora flowersA few weeks before my birthday he must have seen me looking at flowers online. My birthday was Friday and my wonderful husband surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet the morning of my birthday. It was a welcome and much appreciated surprise after having some rather stressful days last week. Not only did the bouquet cheer me up because it was a great birthday surprise, but it was a great stress relief to smell the amazing scent of my favorite lilies! Flowers really do have an amazing way of picking me up and my husband has learned that over the years! He has sent flowers to my job before “just because”and sometimes I think those are the best bouquets no matter how small they may be!

When was the last time you received flowers? When did you send flowers just to brighten someone’s day?Ā 


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  1. BleedingTulip says:

    Ive always thought birthdays should be a big deal! My parents always did fun things on theirs, so I don’t understand people that treat it like some terrible faux pas. However, I’m not much of a flower person, because eventually they die and become a big mess… I know I’m in the minority on that though! I my h prefer potted flowers I can enjoy over and over :). Either way, I’m glad you had a sweet highlight on your birthday! Keep up the celebration of it!

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