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Maggie Bags – Christmas in July Sponsor Spotlight #ChristmasInJulyHop

Obviously I love finding products that help keep waste out of the landfills. I was so in love when I discovered Maggie Bags because their handbags are not only gorgeous, but they help keep unnecessary trash out of the landfills. They make one company’s trash their (and our) treasure by creating amazing handbags!

Maggie Bags Logo

As a woman who loves finding new ways to be “green” I love and respect what Maggie Bags is doing. What better way to be green than to create an item from something that is not being used? They use seat belt webbing to create bags! The seat belt webbing that is used in cars has very high government safety standards that must be met. Because of these high standards, millions of yards of seat belt webbing are rejected by the automakers each year. That’s where Maggie Bags comes in. They take this rejected webbing and create absolutely stunning bags! They keep those millions of yards of seat belt webbing out of the landfill and make many, many people happy with the stylish bags that they create! Their manufacturing process has no environmental impact at all as it is simply a cut and sew operation! How fabulous is that? Their handbags are very eco-friendly, or eco-chic as they like to call it. 🙂

Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors

Photo Courtesy of Maggie Bags

As you can see they are a great company and I was thrilled when they agreed to be one of the sponsors of the Christmas in July event! They kindly sent me this gorgeous pink and brown Tote of Many Colors for review. I am one of those people who loves the color combinations of pink/brown and blue/brown so I was thrilled with this bag! It is available in so many different color combinations that I can find at least three other bags that I want: same bags just different colors! The bag is generous in size at 23″ long, 9″ wide and 15″ in height.

In reviewing this bag it has come in handy more than I could have ever imagined! At the very reasonable price of $55 this bag can be used for so many different things and is well worth the price! We have used it as a diaper bag, a bag to take extra toys to my in-laws for the day, a beach bag, and I’ve used it to carry my laptop along with some folders that I needed as I went to work a few times. It would also be the perfect bag to use as a carry-on when flying (although you would want to check your airline’s regulation size to make sure it’s not too big)! It is incredibly versatile! The bag can fit a great amount of items and is super easy to tote around with the wonderfully sized straps!  This Tote of Many Colors is also Maggie Bags’ most eco-friendly bag as there is no hardware or lining and uses only the repurposed seat belt webbing. The bag has been incredibly durable for us and is even machine washable! It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?
Tote of Many Colors Inside

You can see how generous the inside of this bag really is! I was able to fit about 20 fluffy cloth diapers inside and there was still room to put things on top!

Maggie Tote of Many Colors

It looks great, doesn’t it? I love the simplicity of the bag, the color and the size!

Maggie Bag Shoulder

I told you it was easy to tote around on your shoulder, great to have a bag like this when your hands are full with a baby!

I applaud Maggie Bags for all that they do. They have made the list of my favorite companies not only for their great styles, but for their dedication to making a difference in our world being more green. As of May 2012, Maggie Bags has used 988,200 yards of recycled seat belt. That’s nearly one million yards that have been kept out of the landfills and instead has been turned into beautiful, super durable handbags! When you stop by Maggie Bags’ website to check out their handbags, also be sure to notice their amazing belts and cosmetic bags! Don’t forget to visit them on Facebook and Twitter as well!

My Final Thoughts: I seriously love this company! To me, they represent the very thing that I started this blog for: making a difference and being as eco-friendly as possible. Outside of that, I truly love their bold colored and stylish designs! I’ve gotten SO many compliments on my Maggie Bags. As soon as someone says they like my bag, I am telling them the story of how they are made! I love it!

Purchase: You can purchase Maggie Bags directly from their website! They are offering Mama on a Green Mission readers a 25% discount when you use MAMAGREEN – this is good on their Premier Line!

Win it! Maggie Bags is generously sponsoring our Christmas in July event! The winner will receive a Tote of Many Colors in one of the colors available at the time winner is selected. Be sure to stop by my Christmas in July event post to enter to win!

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  1. Wow, this really seems like the *perfect* bag! Plenty of room, eco-friendly, AND machine washable! I’ve really got to get one of these. Going to enter the giveaway now :).

  2. Danielle H says:

    I love how versatile this bag is and the colors are perfect for me! Love how many diapers you fit in there – impressive bc fluff takes up a lot of space!

  3. Wow! What a great bag! You can get a lot in there! We’re taking a trip in September, this would be a great bag for carry-on! 🙂

  4. Sabrina Radke says:

    OMG I LOVE this bag! It looks perfect for a cloth diapering mama! Great colors too, I want the orange and royal blue!!

  5. Amy Gramelspacher says:

    Their bags are so cute! I’m going to have to look at getting one!

  6. That’s so cute, and how amazing about the seatbelts!

  7. I love the seatbelt concept and it’s so cute, too!


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