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Letter to Baby Addy – Five Months Old

I have been meaning to get back to writing letters for a while now. I used to write them to LA and I really enjoyed it. Baby Addy you are five months old already and this is your first letter. Times have been so busy and I just haven’t forced myself to sit and write to you but I am now! I have so much to tell you!

I was scheduled to be induced on Valentine’s Day. You had something else in mind and didn’t want to have your birthday on Valentine’s Day so you were born the day before. (Those reading this can find her birth story here). This entire five months you’ve been such a good baby. You rarely cry. Well, if you are hungry you make it known, but other than that you don’t cry much at all!

You started showing us your beautiful smile around three months. Your smile makes me so happy it brings tears to my eyes! You adore your big brother already. You watch him like crazy and smile at him when he’s close. He’s even gotten you to giggle a bit and it’s so cute! You have those big, bright eyes that are absolutely stunning! You started rolling over pretty early too…this is terrible but I *believe* it was around 3 – 1/2 months. It was within a week of that that you started rolling from tummy to back as well. In the past month you’ve really figured out how to get around! You see something you want and you get it! At first you would roll all the way across the room to get to something. Now, you are really getting that “army-crawl” down! You try so hard to get up on your knees and I know it won’t be long before you figure out how to really crawl around!

What don’t you like? Well, you are NOT a cuddle baby AT ALL. I don’t know why but you don’t fall asleep in our arms, you don’t want to lay on our chests, you have no problem laying in your crib or in the swing and falling asleep BY YOURSELF. It makes me sad because I am a cuddle mama! 🙂 When I try to hold you in the cradle position all that is on your mind is eating. You think if I am holding you it’s time to eat! LOL

I can’t believe how quickly time is going. We’ve been blessed with your presence now for 5 months and you just bring us so much joy! I thank God for blessing me with you, babygirl!

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