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Havaianas Sandals – The Perfect Addition to Your Summer Wardrobe!

I am a shoe fanatic! I have loved shoes since I was a teenage girl and to this day they grab my attention! But really, what woman doesn’t love shoes?  There is just something about shoes…they are the perfect accessory! I was recently introduced to Havaianas Sandals and wow, do they have some great sandals! They have such a colorful and stylish selection!

Havaianas Sandals

Photo Courtesy of Havaianas

Havaianas Logo
I love what Havaianas stands for: style, comfort, affordable luxury,  and positive energy. That is great, isn’t it? Havaianas was born in 1962 with the inspiration of the Zori, typical Japanese sandals that are made of fabric straps and rice straw soles. In remembrance of where Havaianas originated from, the foot-bed of all Havaianas have a textured rice pattern. I love that they have kept this with their products for so long! Havaianas’ shoes have become so popular because they don’t lose their shape, they don’t smell and the straps don’t get loose! The company has grown over the years and in 2003 their exclusive models were given to Oscar nominees! In 2007, they stepped foot into the USA for good as they expanded their international expansion. Today, they continue to expand and provide amazing sandals that make a statement!

Havaianas Ballerina

Photo Courtesy of Havaianas

Another fabulous (and respectable) thing about this company is their dedication to being socially and environmentally responsible. They participate in a variety of programs and contribute to many organizations. Some of these programs are The Institute for Ecological Research, Conservation International and Alpargatas Institute. Havaianas also takes action to reduce electricity and water consumption, they have ecological product lines, they recycle the PVC and rubber residue, they have environmental education for their employees and they do many more things to be an eco-friendly company! Thumbs up, Havaianas!!

Havaianas has some great women’s shoes and I have a few pair on my list of “must-haves” “wants” right now. The shoe to the left is their Origine Ballerina Espadrille in Black! It is one of my favorites and is very reasonably priced at just $38!

They do make shoes not only for us women, but they also design shoes for the men and children in our lives! Be sure to check them out and leave a comment telling me which pair you love! 🙂



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