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Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base ~ Nursing Products, Must Haves by a Working Mama

So as you know, I work full time and baby Addy gets breast milk exclusively. This week I am going to cover my list of must-have nursing products that make my life as mama who works outside of the home much easier! Some of these products I use exclusively at home, others I just exclusively at work but all of them help make nursing easier in one way or another!

1) First on my list is a good nursing pillow. I have used my nursing pillow at home since giving birth to LA two years ago. My husband even uses them when he gives the baby a bottle. They really help prevent back pains from leaning over so much while holding baby! I have a few reviews coming up of nursing pillows you’ll want to watch for!

2) Nursing Pads – I used these daily and changed them multiple times in the beginning. As your body is making milk and getting used to how much baby needs, you will leak most likely and you’ll want something to protect your clothing from the milk. They make washable ones that are much better for the environment, however, I always leaked right through these and unfortunately had to use the disposable ones.

3) Bottles – Yes, you’ll want these even if you are a SAHM and nursing exclusively. Eventually you’ll want to go to the store alone or have hubby feed baby. I recommend having 3-4 on hand at minimum. 

4) Nursing Bras/Tanks – I gave birth to LA in the middle of summer so when I was on maternity leave it was incredibly warm. I wore nursing tanks constantly. This time, since I gave birth to Addy in February I didn’t wear them as much, but I still wore them under zip up sweatshirts for easy nursing access. Nursing bras also make nursing so much easier, in public and at home. 

5) Nursing Shirts – although these aren’t technically required or a must-have, they sure do make nursing baby incredibly easy. I love, love, love my nursing tops and recommend them to every mom! I even have some nursing pajamas and love them too! 

6) A hands-free pumping bra  – I didn’t have one when I first returned to work after having LA. I got one after several months or holding my pump as I was extracting milk for baby. Let me tell you, that made me REALLY appreciate the hands-free pumping bra. I have used it every day I am working and it’s made pumping more relaxing and stress-free! 

7) A good electric breast pump – now this is coming from a mama who works outside of the house, SAHMs may not find this necessary. At work I have three times throughout the day to pump and I have about 15 minutes each time. There is no way I would pump enough milk for the next day if I had to use a single or a manual pump in a 15 minute time frame. My double electric breast pump has been a Godsend! A piece of advice? Check with your insurance company, many insurance companies will cover a pump one time with a prescription from your doctor. We were blessed and our insurance covered my pump 100%! 

8) Natural Nipple Butter from Earth Mama Angel Baby – of course there are numerous breast ointment products on the market, this is just the one I prefer. With LA I have cracked and very sore nipples in the beginning. If you remember last week’s post I talked very openly about how sore breasts can get. You’ll want to have something like this one hand just in case. 

9) Breast Milk Storage Bags – Before I returned to work I started pumping 1-2 times daily to start building a freezer supply for when I returned to work. You’ll want some reliable milk storage bags to freeze your milk. I use and love the Lansinoh bags. We keep lots of these around for easy storing! 

There you have it! That is my list of must-haves for outside of the home working mamas! Be sure to stop by Joy of Momma Joyner and check out her must-haves list. She is a SAHM so her list may be a bit different! 🙂 

What is your must-have item for nursing? 

Happy Nursing! 

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  1. bleedblue1983 says:

    Great suggestions for this mommy to be!


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