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Out and About with JJ Cole’s Myla Bag and a Giveaway!

Now that summer is here we have been out and about quite often. We love going out and enjoying the beautiful, warm days. With two little ones, we have a lot of things that we need to take with us when we go even to on the shortest of trips (like to the mall). I have been through several diaper bags in the past few years and it’s rather difficult to find one that meets all of your needs as a mama. Not only are their certain needs that the bag must meet, for this mama, a “green” nag is important too! JJ Cole has a great solution for my needs, in terms of space, pockets, and being green!

The Myla bag from JJ Cole’s Boutique collection has a Re-Run exterior fabric. This fabric is not only water-resistant, but with each bag they make they are keeping 6 plastic bottles out of the landfill! The bag is also PVC and teflon free! Thumbs up to JJ Cole for that! Now that we see the “green” aspect of the bag is covered, let’s take a look at the other features that make this bag a must-have for mamas everywhere! 
The Myla bag is generous in size at 15.5″W x 12″H x 8″D and it has pockets galore! There is a front pocket that is supposed to be for diapers and wipes, but since our cloth diapers take up more room than that I’ve been known to throw my wallet and keys in so I don’t have to take my purse! There is also a pocket on the back that is great for tossing those last minute things in like snacks or burp cloths. Inside the largest compartment you’ll find a larger elastic-topped pocket in the back and a separated one in the front making that front pocket into two compartments. Besides those, there is a zippered opening in the front that is also generous in size! And yes, there is more…there are two “bottle” pockets, one on each side of the exterior of the bag that work great for bottles or sippy cups! I told you the generous in size, didn’t I? 😉 We have two cloth diapers, wipes, sun block, hand hanitizer, the changing pad and some snacks for a quick outing and you can see there is plenty of room left for more!
Besides the size, there are some additional features that make this bag stand out above other diaper bags. There is an adjustable strap that has a padded section to go over your shoulder. This makes it easy to carry when your hands are full and no worries of a sore arm from a heavy bag! There are also five metal “feet” on the bottom of the bag to prevent scratching. For easy changing on the go, the bag also includes a folded, padded changing pad that closes with a velcro strap. This bag has all of the “must-haves” a mama could want! To top it all off, it’s incredibly stylish and not “baby-ish” by any means so you can still look great while carrying all of your baby’s necessities. 
I’ve left one of my favorite features for last. This diaper has grip straps so you can attach it to your stroller!! We have a double in-line stroller with a storage section in the middle on the bottom of the stroller. It is great, but depending on how many things we have in there, it can be difficult to quickly and easily reach the diaper bag. Being able to attach this to the stroller handle right by me has been a wonderful solution.  This is the first diaper bag we’ve had that has these grip straps and it has become a must-have! We love them! 

It looks great, doesn’t it? Quick and easy access along with fabulous style! 
Purchase: The Myla Bag is available for purchase on JJ Cole’s website or at a retailer near you!
Win! One lucky Mama on a Green Mission reader is going to win a Myla Bag from JJ Cole! Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!

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    My favorite print is Midnight Laurel.

  3. Courtney B says:

    my favorite print has ALWAYS been the myla print, thats why i want this sooo bad. My babys name is Myla!:)

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

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