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Go Green Get Fit Weekly Update

If you remember, I posted about the Go Green Get Fit Challenge that many green bloggers are taking on. Have you joined in?

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I pasted my program goals below just to reference them in how I am doing. Last week was the first week and it was so hard to find times to walk! It is definitely an adjustment to make time for exercise when you have little ones. I actually did not meet my goal with this last week. The times I walked though I walked one mile. This week I am happy to say that I truly believe I will reach my goal. I’ve walked three times and I have two days left to get one more time in! Today I even increased to a total of 1.5 miles! I am pleased with my progress this week in exercise!

Last week I really made an effort to eat out less and eat healthier. My biggest problem was that I would always eat in a rush and grab something quick, mostly fast food. I went to the grocery store and made sure to buy the supplies for cooking real meals and I also made sure to buy plenty of fruits and veggies! Since I’ve had baby Addy we have eaten out way more than we should. It just seemed like I have had no energy left to cook after long days with the little ones or after a long day at work. I know when I start exercising regularly I will feel more energized and this will help. Last week I was able to cook a few things in advance and each meal I cooked was enough for two meals. That automatically kept us from eating out four nights! I also forced myself to give up my addiction to caramel frappes. Ok, ok…I didn’t completely give them up but I didn’t have them everyday either! I think that was one of the biggest things holding me back. I lost a total of 4.7 pounds that first week!

This week I’ve continued cooking things in advance and I’ve even found that my body is wanting more and more fruits and veggies.I’ve been craving broccoli this week, don’t ask me why! LOL So far this week I have lost 2.4 pounds. That’s not as much as last week, but I am happy that it is down and not up. I’m happy that I’ve been eating better and my family has been eating better!

Total weight loss after two weeks: 7.1 pounds … only 17.9 pounds to go!

My Goals for this Challenge:
1) Exercise (most likely walking) four times each week.
2) Increase my walking distance so that at the end of this 12 weeks journey I’ll be able to walk 6 miles without a problem!
3) Eat more meals at home with healthier ingredients.
4) Lose a total of 25 pounds throughout this 12 weeks.
5) Run again….I don’t have a distance in mind, I just want to start running again and I want to feel like I can do it without passing out because I am so out of shape!
6) Find an event to complete near the end of this challenge, a 5k walk or something similar.

Our team of bloggers is happy and proud that we have great sponsors behind us! Some of our sponsors include PlanetShoes.com, Earth Mama Angel Baby, NatureBox and MiEssence! You’ll be hearing more about some of these sponsors later on in this program! 

Where are you in the challenge? Have you started? It’s not too late to join in, Go Green and Get Fit! 

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