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Looking for Great Swaddle Blankets? JJ Cole Has Them! (Review and Giveaway)


Since baby Addy was born in the winter I made sure I had a lot of blankets to swaddle her. I was worried about her getting cold so I always made sure to swaddle her and she seems to love being swaddled. After using many swaddling blankets, I was drawn to muslin blankets. Most recently I discovered that JJ Cole has muslin blankets! I was pleasantly surprised at this because I know JJ Cole creates wonderful quality products!We received their … [Read more...]

Just a Bit of Humor for Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature


Each week Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama and I do a feature of fluff! This week I wanted to just give you something interesting, cute, funny, and fun to look at! Take a look at this cute photo below from Carolina Cloth:Did that make you smile? I thought it was cute! :)Be sure to stop by Eco Baby Mama Drama and check out what Bri has featured today! Anything you would like to see featured in an upcoming Friday's Fabulous Fluffy Feature? … [Read more...]

Earth’s Best Ambassadorship Comes to an End and Big News!


I have thoroughly enjoyed my ambassadorship with Earth's Best but as of the end of June it is coming to an end. I have learned so much and have gained so much respect for this company because of their values and excellent products. I tell everyone I know about products that Earth's Best offers!I know how much I have enjoyed this ambassadorship, but I (and Earth's Best) wants to hear from YOU! We want to know what you've loved about this program, … [Read more...]

I Found An Organic, All-Natural Teething Gel!


With baby Addy getting so close to the teething stage I have been on the lookout for an organic, all-natural teething gel. I found a tube of Orajel tucked in a drawer the other day and I threw that out as soon as I could  and have been on a search. Little did I know it was right underneath my nose...in the wonderful products from Earth's Best!The Organic Teething Gel from Earth's Best is non-medicated, and non=habit forming. It SAFELY comforts … [Read more...]

Out and About with JJ Cole’s Myla Bag and a Giveaway!


Now that summer is here we have been out and about quite often. We love going out and enjoying the beautiful, warm days. With two little ones, we have a lot of things that we need to take with us when we go even to on the shortest of trips (like to the mall). I have been through several diaper bags in the past few years and it's rather difficult to find one that meets all of your needs as a mama. Not only are their certain needs that the bag must … [Read more...]

Go Green Get Fit Weekly Update


If you remember, I posted about the Go Green Get Fit Challenge that many green bloggers are taking on. Have you joined in? I pasted my program goals below just to reference them in how I am doing. Last week was the first week and it was so hard to find times to walk! It is definitely an adjustment to make time for exercise when you have little ones. I actually did not meet my goal with this last week. The times I walked though I walked one mile. … [Read more...]

Lovin’ Bath Time with Live Clean Baby and a Giveaway


Good smellin' babies just have a way of making my heart melt. There is just something about holding a baby that has that fresh, clean baby scent. In the past we've used many organic/natural products that are great for our babies but the one thing they are missing is the scent that I love. I am more than willing to miss out on this if it means the products are safe for my baby, but with Live Clean Baby I've found safe products that also have that … [Read more...]

New Wholesome Meals for Babies from Earth’s Best and a Giveaway


New Earth’s Best Organic Fruit and Grain Purees hit shelves last month! These purees are a delicious blend of organic fruit and hearty whole grains in a unique, portable, squeezable pouch perfect for babies 6 months and older. In fact, I love keeping these in the diaper bag for snacks on the go for our 23 month old! The fiber in whole grains helps baby stay satisfied longer after meals and snacks and each variety contains 45% of the daily value … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Do Not Disturb


This might be a boring WW to some of you, but it's a big part of my life. I work outside of the house four days each week. Every day that I am at work this sign is a big part of my day. You see, I pump three times a day when I am at work so that baby Addy can have breast milk the next day that I am gone. I have only given baby Addy breast milk and hope that I'll never have to give her formula. So...this sign is important to me. When this is one … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base – A Funny and a Link Up


Courtney at  Joy of Momma Joyner and I are back again this week with Tuesday's Tastes on Second Base. This week we wanted to just do something brief and provide a link up for you to tell your story.Check out this funny comic I found!This week in our journey:  Baby Addy and I have reached 19 weeks of successful nursing. WOOHOO!!!  I have for some reason started getting a tiny bit of pain when she latches. It's a brief pain like she's sucking too … [Read more...]

#Green #Giveaways Galore – Link Up or Enter to Win!


Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama and I are here again for another week of our weekly linky devoted to Green Giveaways!  Please feel free to link up your green, eco-friendly giveaways and make sure to leave the end date for entrants!  This linky will be open until next Monday so feel free to stop by and add any green giveaways you post throughout the week!These are our only requirements for adding a giveaway:It must be family friendly.It must be a … [Read more...]

Look What I Found in the Frozen Foods Section at my Local Store!


Being an Earth's Best blogger, I always get excited to come across Earth's Best products in the stores! I seriously love this brand and the company and am proud to represent them! We went to Whole Foods yesterday and my husband was probably embarrassed by my excitement at finding these in these frozen foods section:I guess I never really checked out their products for "kids" since we have an infant and a toddler that we are busy with! I am … [Read more...]

Super Stalker Sunday #Bloghop


Welcome to this week’s Super Stalker Sunday hop!What is Super Stalker Sunday? Glad you asked! Super Stalker Sunday is a weekly blog hop hosted by April of Mama on a Green Mission Emily of Nap Time is My Timeand Bri of Eco Baby Mama DramaYour blog is your brand, and as you are building your brand, you need to spread the word about your amazing blog!  The Super Stalker Sunday hop is an amazing way to make new connections.  This hop encourages … [Read more...]

Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature with Bumblebaby Cloth Diapers


Cloth diapering has become a part of my life in a way I never thought it would! I LOVE cloth and have become quite the addict. My cloth preferences have changed a bit and I have adjusted and become no so picky like I was in the beginning. I used to only want aplix closure all-in-one diapers. Hubby still prefers those but I have expanded our stash and I now also love pocket diapers with snaps! I love trying new diapers so I was thrilled when I … [Read more...]

Earth’s Best and Flavored Cereals for Baby


As I have mentioned we are getting ready to start feeding baby Addy foods. Scary, I know! I was looking around the Earth's Best site at their infant foods and I was reminded that they have flavored cereals! I love that idea! They have Whole Grain Cereal with Apple Sweet Potato, Whole Grain Oatmeal with Bananas and Whole Grain Rice with Apples! Don't those sound great? I love that they've included fruits and veggies in their cereals! As always, … [Read more...]

Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop ~ Win GroVia Diaper and Wet Bag!


I love taking part in blog giveaway hops and this one is featuring on of my favorite things to blog about ~ Cloth Diapers!! How exciting is that? Yes, you can hop around to all of the blogs below for your chance to win some great cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories!!This hop is hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things and runs from today, June 21 through June 30! Be sure to make your way around to all of the participating blog and enter to … [Read more...]

The Importance of Vitamin C ~ Earth’s Best Giveaway


As we get closer to giving baby Addy jarred foods I have been researching more and more about what foods are going to be best for her. The benefits of Vitamin C in the development of a young child are numerous. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for a growing baby because it is required for the growth and maintenance of healthy skin and red blood cells. In addition, it helps build collagen, which forms connective tissue that binds muscles, bones, and … [Read more...]

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday ~ Snack Time


Our little guy and one of his favorite snacks!  Earth's Best Organic Letter of the Day Cookies have a great Sesame Street character and they are square shaped with letters so they are fun, education AND delicious!   He was eating these yesterday at snack time, while at home with daddy (yes, I see he was on the couch too...DADDY!!!)  ;) Delicious!More Please!!!! FTC Disclosure: I am an Earth's Best ambassador and receive products from them, … [Read more...]

Flufftastic Summer Celebration Sign-Ups Open!


Welcome to the Sign Ups for the Flufftastic Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop {Free* to join!} This is a themed giveaway hop where each participating blogger will feature cloth diaperis and accessories. Mama on a Green Mission and Eco Baby Mama Drama are your event Hosts! Event Info: This is a FREE* event that will start at 12:01 am EST on August 10th and end at 11:59 pm EST on August 24th. With the craze over cloth diapering right … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tastes on Second Base ~ Nursing Products, Must Haves by a Working Mama


So as you know, I work full time and baby Addy gets breast milk exclusively. This week I am going to cover my list of must-have nursing products that make my life as mama who works outside of the home much easier! Some of these products I use exclusively at home, others I just exclusively at work but all of them help make nursing easier in one way or another!1) First on my list is a good nursing pillow. I have used my nursing pillow at home since … [Read more...]

#Green #Giveaways Galore – Link Up or Enter to Win!


Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama and I are here again for another week of our weekly linky devoted to Green Giveaways!  Please feel free to link up your green, eco-friendly giveaways and make sure to leave the end date for entrants and whether it's open to US, US/CAN or WW!  This linky will be open until next Monday so feel free to stop by and add any giveaways you post throughout the week!These are our only requirements for adding a giveaway:It must … [Read more...]

Snackin’ Around with Earth’s Best


My husband and I have quite the little snacker on our hands with our little guy. LA is ALWAYS wanting snacks so we have to carefully select what we can buy to keep around the house. We were at my sister-in-law's house yesterday and they had some popular cheddar crackers that LA seemed to eat endless amounts of. I wondered if there was a healthier option and I came across something from one of my favorite companies: Earth's Best!The Earth's Best … [Read more...]