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My Children, My Heart

Last year I used to write monthly letters to LA. I hate to admit that I got too busy with other things and this feature was put aside. I loved writing those letters and I loved expressing myself to my child and writing about his achievements. I’ve decided this is something I need and want to do again but instead of it being a letter to LA, each month it will be a letter to all three of my children.

I don’t talk much about ZZ on my blog because he’s a teenager and I don’t want to embarrass him if someone he knows were to come across my blog. For ten years, it was just ZZ and I. I was a single parent doing the best I could and many times I felt he deserved so much more. I was working full time, going to school full time and being mama to my precious little boy. He was my everything and my reason for living most days. He’s now my strong, already a man teenager. ZZ, I can’t believe you’ll be turning 16 in just a few weeks and I cannot believe I have a child old enough to drive already. I’m not THAT old, am I? Don’t answer that, ZZ! LOL I knew someday you would be taller than me but I had no idea that time would get here so fast. You are a brilliant artist and you have a heart of gold, always be proud of those things and don’t hide them. I’m so incredibly proud of you for growing into a respectable young man that loves God and mama! 😉 I wish I could do so much more for you because you’ve been through so much and remained strong and amazing desire the situation. You deserve the world and I feel like I haven’t even given you a small tree in that world. Continue to be the person you are and always strive for excellence.

LA…my little guy, you are now 22 months old. You’re my little guy that I was blessed with on my birthday two years ago. I love that you and I share our day…it’s something for us, something no one can take from us. You are starting to talk a lot more and you are one busy fella! You love to go on walks with daddy and the dog and ride in the cart attached to daddy’s bike. I think daddy is your best friend but you are still mama’s little boy! We play and color and have lots of fun! You love playing ball, yes, any kind: baseball, basketball, whatever you can. The weather has been nicer so you’ve not been AS sick, but you still catch things at daycare. I can’t wait til the day that you don’t have to go there anymore.

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