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Nursing and Pumping Stress Free with Making Mama’s Milk & More (Review and GIVEAWAY!)

I’ve talked in the past about nursing LA and how I struggled daily with working and pumping for him. It was one of the most stressful times in my parenting days thus far. I work full time and I exclusively give my baby breast milk. I have with all three of my kids. When I returned to work with LA and now Baby Addy I pump three times during my work day. With LA, after my third pumping session each day, I BARELY had enough milk for the next day. There were days I didn’t pump enough which is why I pumped every morning when I woke up regardless of whether I worked or not. I did it just to have milk in the fridge at all times. I was always worried about whether or not I would have to end up supplementing, which was the last thing I wanted to do. I realize that would not be the end of the world, but to me that would have meant breaking my goal of giving my kids only breast milk. This time around I wanted to be prepared and I researched ways to increase milk supply because I was terrified of having that stress again. What I found was information about lactation cookies. Yes, I said cookies! YUM!

If you are breastfeeding and need a boost in supply, you need to listen up! Making Mama’s Milk & More makes cookies that contain God made herbs that promote HEALTHY lactation. They are organic and dairy free and even better than that? They are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!

Making Mama’s Milk & More was started because the owner wanted to help every woman out there be able to feed her baby the most nutritious food there is. She heard so many stories about women having supply issues and knowing that we do not live in the most supportive society she just wanted to help those who want to breastfeed, to be able to, for as long as they choose! How admirable is that? 🙂

Making Mama’s Milk & More has some of the best tasting cookies I’ve had! They come in three flavors: oatmeal chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and oatmeal butterscotch. They contain ingredients that are good for your body and are known for increasing milk supply. I was sent 30 cookies for review: 15 oatmeal chocolate chip and 15 oatmeal butterscotch. I am not a fan of raisins so I didn’t ask to try those. I bet you are wondering how the cookies taste, aren’t you? 🙂

First, when I received the cookies each package had a handwritten motivating message on the tag! What an incredible feeling to know that a stranger is encouraging me (and all of you breastfeeding mamas) in breastfeeding my baby! It was great to have that support from another woman who obviously understood what I was going through. The cookies were incredibly fresh! After eating one I realized I needed to freeze some of them to keep them from getting hard so I immediately separated them into packs of five and put them in the freezer. It is recommended to eat 1-2 cookies daily so I thought packs of five were a good number. Let me tell you something….shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, ok? I had to refrain from eating more than two cookies every day! I would have never, ever guessed that these cookies are dairy free and they are lactation cookies. They taste amazing!!! I can’t even pick my favorite between the two that I tried because I love them both! I do have to say though that I appreciated having two kinds so I never got tired of the same thing day after day! As soon as they unthaw from the freezer they are soft and taste fresh like they were just recently baked. They freeze VERY well. Did I mention they taste VERY well too? 😉

Now, what about my supply? Did they actually increase my supply? YES!! I am PLEASED (actually incredibly excited) to say that yes I did notice a difference in my supply. Granted, it didn’t double or anything like that, but I had NO trouble whatsoever pumping MORE than I needed for Baby Addy the next day. I had extra milk in the fridge and was able to get a freezer stash and guess what? I wasn’t evening pumping first thing in the morning before I left home! The days of eating these cookies were some of the most stress-free breastfeeding days I’ve experienced. It was fabulous not having to worry about whether I would pump enough or not. Now that my cookie supply has vanished, I have noticed that I am again getting either JUST enough milk when pumping or I am 1-2 ounces short for what I need the next day. Thank God for that freezer supply, huh?

My Final Thoughts: I LOVE THESE COOKIES! I cannot say enough how incredible they are and not only in taste. They are incredible because they provide a sense of relaxation and allow me to enjoy breastfeeding because I am not forced to worry daily about having enough milk for my baby. I cannot wait to get more of these cookies and I can tell you these will be a daily treat for me as long as I am breastfeeding! I will also recommend them to every nursing mama I know!

Purchase: You can purchase your own cookies on the website. There are several purchasing options available, even a subscription! These cookies are well worth the money, ladies!!

Win! Making Mama’s Milk & More is generously giving 30 cookies to one lucky mama to help increase her milk supply! Winner will chose what flavor they would like! Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!


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