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Friday’s Fabulous Fluffy Feature with Twin City Diaper and a GIVEAWAY!

This week here at Mama on a Green Mission I’ll be featuring a Soft Bums Echo that was sent to me for review on Baby Addy from Twin City Diaper Company! Read on to learn about a great cloth diaper shop and the Soft Bums diaper!

Twin City Diaper Co. is an online boutique that features some great cloth diapering products! They are very proud to carry some Made in the USA and WAHM (work at home mama) diapers and are sure to highlight those on their site. I love that about Twin City! 🙂 This amazing diaper boutique was started by a lady named Lonni and shortly after was purchased by Amy. This boutique was Amy’s dream after she became a cloth diapering addict like many of us and the boutique is now owned by her and her husband Dave. They have two children and operate Twin City Diaper Co near Columbus, Ohio. (Side note here…I grew up in Ohio so hearing about cloth diapering there makes me happy!)  🙂

Twin City Diaper Co carries a great range of products from well known brands to some that aren’t as known (but should be!). I love the selection there and I love that I can find my favorite brand yet still try something new! They do offer free shipping on orders over $60 so be sure to take advantage of that! Amy at Twin City Diaper Co. sent us a Soft Bums Echo diaper in the adorable Sugar and Spice Giraffes. I love, love, love this girly print! It has giraffes and they are pink, it can’t get any cuter! 🙂 SoftBums are known as luxury diapers and they were invented by a WAHM and are made right here in the USA!

I was very impressed at how small this diaper can adjust to for a one size diaper! It will definitely fit a newborn on the smallest setting. It still fits Baby Addy wonderfully at 13 pounds and looks beyond adorable! The diaper is an all in two diaper and has hidden elastic drawstrings with toggles to adjust the size.  When the snap-in pod is wet you can easily remove it and replace it using the shell over and over! It is an easy snap-in Pod and the diaper requires absolutely no stuffing making it daddy friendly! Laundering this diaper is just as easy as all of the other diapers we have. It does have hook/loop closure though so we just need to make sure the laundry tabs are secure. Now let’s talk about the fit!

 This is Baby Addy in the diaper at three months old and about 13 pounds. She looks great in it, doesn’t she? You can see the hook/loop does allow for cross over, however, we just barely needed to do that with her! It fits great around her legs and waist! And did I mention how cute those pink giraffes are? 😉

This is a side view to show you how trim the diaper is. It has the included Pod snapped inside and it does fit pretty trim in my opinion although hubs said it was very “fluffy”. Yes, he’s learned a cloth diapering word and now likes to make fun with it.

This is the rear view. Again, it fits great and there is nothing cuter than a fluffy baby bum! 
The diaper is said to fit between 6 and 35 pounds and I truly believe it will. It has a great adjustment and we haven’t experienced any problems with the elastic slipping to a larger size or anything. It stays put right where you set it! I do have larger fingers though so getting my fingers in the small opening to adjust the size was a bit challenging but I was able to do so. The hook/loop works really well also! It’s not the toughest I’ve come across but by no means is it weak. We never had problems with it opening/slipping when we didn’t want it too. 
My Final Thoughts: I enjoyed using this diaper because of the print and the ease of it being an all in two. It is rather simple to put a new Pod in when the diaper is wet and I love that my husband wasn’t afraid to use this diaper with it’s simple snap in Pod and hook/loop closure. The thing I did not love about this diaper was the adjustment. To me it’s more difficult to get both sides the same size when it’s not a snap. I was able to work with it, I just prefer those diapers that are easier to adjust. If this were a gender neutral diaper, I would not use it on both children because it would just be too difficult to go back and forth on the sizing. 
Purchase: You can visit Twin City Diaper Co and order your SoftBums diaper at their online boutique! It sells for $25.95 including the Pod! 
Win! Twin City Diaper is generously giving one lucky Mama on a Green Mission reader their own SoftBums diaper! Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!


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