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Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature ~ Cloth Diapering Two Babes Under Two

I’ve decided this week to step away from reviews for a moment and just have some straight talk. I want to talk about what it’s been like to use cloth diapers on my two babes under two years old. 

As most of you know, I work full time so I don’t have the exact same cloth diapering experience as some mamas who stay home with their little ones. You see, we cloth diaper part of the time. It’s just not possible on days I work and the kids go to daycare because we don’t use cloth at daycare. By the time I get home I only change 1-2 diapers on each child before bed and to wash every other day, we’d only have 2-4 diapers in a load and it just doesn’t make sense. I work 3 or 4 days a weeks depending on the week so we actually cloth diaper 3 or 4 days a week too. I’ll go over a few things here…using cloth when I was on maternity leave and now, using cloth while working.

When I was on maternity leave I started using cloth with Baby Addy when she was just about a week old. One of the things I was very excited about on my leave was using cloth 24/7! I loved it but I will admit that after about three straight weeks of cloth diapering two babes I was exhausted and needed a break from it. I can see the mouths falling open! Yes, I needed a break from cloth diapering. I was already overwhelmed with the adjustment of having two babes under two and nursing Baby Addy and being a wife, and taking care of our home. It may have been because this was the first time I was ever able to use cloth for that long of a period without a break. It is an adjustment. I did love the fact that I was doing more to help our planet and I loved the cuteness of it! The rinsing of LA’s diapers and the laundry got to be a lot. I think had I been able to take longer than six weeks off I would have adjusted to the cloth diapering 24/7 along everything else, it just would have taken time.

Now that I am back to work and I am able to cloth diaper part of the time, I look forward to the days I can.  Yes, sometime it is rough getting the laundry done because I have too much going on. The one thing I absolutely must do though is wash every other day. No exceptions. The thing that does get neglected is the folding and stuffing of diapers ahead of time. You should see our pack-n-play right now. Oh wait, no, you shouldn’t! LOL It is full of diapers that are ready to be put together. I grab one at a time from there as I need it. This bothers me. I can’t stand the mess that sometimes develops around me and this adds to it. I choose to keep doing it though because using cloth is more important for the environmental factors than me having a clean house. Not only that, I have really come to enjoy the cloth. It makes a nasty job a bit pretty and enjoyable for mama. Cloth diapering two babes has actually been better for the laundry. I say that because if I have a day off in the middle of the week I actually have close to enough diapers to wash at the end of my one day of diapering, where as when I had just LA in cloth it was not really enough for a load.

So, overall, yes it’s been exhausting at times to cloth diaper two babes under two. I even needed a break from it. I applaud mamas who are able to cloth diaper multiple children 24/7 without a break because IT IS A JOB. Would I do it if I were a SAHM? Absolutely! I love using cloth diapers and with anything else, there is an adjustment. My advice? Ease into it. If you have to use some sposies while you are adjusting to a new baby along with everything else, it’s not the end of the world. Using cloth even some of the time helps our planet!

What are your experiences using cloth on multiple babes? 

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